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The secret to cheap travel is early planning. If vacation is planned well enough in advance, savings are made on accommodation, flights and even on visa applications as one may be forced to pay for expedited services when the travel date is closer. has put together this article to help readers who wish to spend the Easter break in London to plan their trips ahead of time to save them money and stress associated with last-minute planning.

This article is focused on a holidaymaker on a low budget.

Easter is in the second week of April and the best time to start planning your trip is now. UK visa applications can be made three months before the intended travel date. It means people visiting at Easter can apply any moment from the second week of January 2020. Applying too early is one sure way of ensuring the trip comes on even if your application is refused at the first attempt. Genuine travellers are always denied for the wrong reasons, but most do not get enough time to re-apply because their intended travel dates are closer.

If you apply three months ahead, you will be able to defend yourself several times if you think the consular haven’t been fair with you.

Early application also helps you to cancel your hotel bookings without penalty just in case something comes up, and you have to cancel your trip, or you are denied the visa.

Let’s plan the London 2020 Easter vacation assuming the travel dates are 6th to 14th April 2020.

Book Hostel Accommodation

Yes, book hostel and not hotel if you are on a lower budget. A hostel accommodation for our selected dates goes below GBP 100. Not for a night but for the entire period. Use the form below to book your hotel on

When the results appear, sort by LOWEST PRICE FIRST. The hostels will be showing first. Pay attention and choose the right room according to your gender.

If you know someone in the UK who is ready to host you, then your travel would be far cheaper. Just let them send you an Invitation Letter as a substitute for the hostel accommodation.

Make flight reservation

You are not required to pay for a ticket until a visa is issued and your trip is confirmed. But a flight itinerary should be included in the visa application. Make a flight reservation and print the confirmation to be included in your application.

Plan your stay

Telling the visa officers how you intend spending your days in the UK is very necessary. Prepare and include in your visa application a Travel Itinerary.


Other documents to include:

Passport. Passports should be valid for at least six months with a blank page for visa.

Birth Certificate

Marriage certificate or Divorce Certificate, if you are either married or divorced

Children’s birth certificate, if you have children

Students: Introductory Letter from school, Transcript, Copy of School ID. How to apply for a UK Visa to spend vacation in the UK as a student.

Employees: Introductory Letter from work, Payslips, Add appointment letter if still available

Self-employed: Business Registration certificates, Evidence of a running business in the form of receipts, invoices, etc.

Bank Statements:

Bank Statement For Visa Application: How much balance is enough?
Dangers of using fake bank statements in visa applications
‘My bank statement is genuine, why was my visa application refused’ – Question from reader
Visa Application: When can you be sponsored and what documents do you need from your sponsor
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Get online and begin the application process. Make sure your date for the submission of biometrics and passport is after 6th January 2020. Because you are on a low budget, make sure you don’t select any Value Added Service when making the online application. Premium and assisted services will see you paying even more than the visa fees in addition. The processing time for UK visas is approximately 15 working days.

How did I arrive at $800

Hotel and airline rates are not stable, but early planning can surely save you money. At the time of publishing this article, below were the rates:

Hostel: GBP 100 ($130)
Airline (KLM): $549
Visa Fee: GBP 93 ($120)
Total: $799

Most of London’s attractions can be seen for free. A traveller on a low budget will rather visit these free attractions which equally leave great memories any other traveller would leave London with. will post some of the free attractions in our next article.

London has a fantastic transport system. I have always said that London has the cheapest bus fares in the world. Avoid trains if you are a low budget and get a bus pass for your entire stay.


I always try to cut the number of emails I receive by breaking down the processes involved in the entire process when writing. If your case requires additional advice, you can email [email protected] while bearing in mind that I do not provide free consultations.

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