Flight Reservation For Visa Application: Step-by-step guide

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Embassies expect to see the plans you have made towards your trip, and this is why flight bookings are added in visa applications.

Visa applicants are not to purchase air tickets until a visa is issued. So the reservation shouldn’t be a confirmed booking as the embassy only wants to see the travel itinerary.

Travel agencies charge a fee to make a flight reservation for their clients. Below are the two ways you can obtain or make a flight booking for a visa application for free.

Airline Offices

Walk into the offices of the airline you intend to use for your trip. Give the staff your passport and travel details that you need a flight reservation to make your travel plans. It will be done immediately for you for free.

Airline’s Website

The easiest way to make the reservation is to do it online. This saves you much time and gives you the options of selecting your desired fares and tweaking your dates to get the fare that matches your budget. Take note that reserving an expensive seat would mean a high budget for your travel.

Steps in making flight reservation online for visa application

  1. Visit the airline’s website. Make sure you have not landed on an agency’s website.
  2. Go to MAKE BOOKING. Most airlines show the booking form on the homepage.
  3. Key in your travel details and click search.
  4. Go ahead to select your prefered flights, follow instructions until you reach payments
  6. Then confirm and print the confirmation. This is what you will include in your visa application. Most airlines will send you an email as well.

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