How to book hotel to support visa application when you don’t have invitation letter

Travel isn’t limited to people who have friends or relatives abroad. Visa Officers do not expect every visa applicant to know someone in the country they intend visiting.


People travel for various reasons. What you have read, heard or seen about a country might have influenced your decision to visit and you don’t need to know someone before embarking on this journey.

Almost all tourists who visit Ghana don’t have friends or relatives here. They lodge in hotels. That’s exactly what you will also do when in their country. Hotels are everywhere to welcome and serve tourists.

Most times people think that only people with invitation letters can apply for visas to travel. NO! Such people have these letters because they either know someone in the country they are visiting or someone has accepted to host them. If you don’t have anyone to host you, you are only left with a choice of living in a hotel.

But making hotel reservation to support your visa application can be very tricky. The little mistake could have your application refused or have the hotel charge you fees you haven’t budgeted for. has put together how you can make hotel reservation to support visa application.

You can start making your hotel booking through the search box below while being guided by the rest of the article. This booking platform by provides a nice reservation confirmation that you can include in your visa application.

Apply well enough in advance

If you are applying for a visa with a hotel booking, do not wait to apply few weeks or days to your trip. It’s advisable to put in your application two to three months in advance. In this case, the hotel won’t put pressure on you to confirm your reservation. Know that you are not supposed to pay for your reservation until visa is issued. Hotels put pressure on you to pay if your check-in date is closer. One reason you have to put in your application early.

Check the hotel’s cancellation policy

Because you don’t have to make payment for your reservation until you have been issued a visa, you have to check the hotel’s cancellation policy if your visa application is likely to be processed before the end of the free cancellation period. Hotels charge a fee, usually first night, or even full reservation if you don’t cancel your booking before a specified date.

Know your dates

You might have already made a flight reservation as part of your visa application. Check on the ticket to make sure that the arrival date corresponds with the hotel’s check-in date. You are likely to key in your departure date as check-in date. Though you could be arriving same day, reconfirm from your flight reservation to make sure your arrival date is exactly as your check-in date at the hotel. Some embassies will request that you make changes while others will refuse your visa application right away for the mismatch.

You are encouraged to make booking for the full days of your stay. While in the country, you can reduce your nights in a particular hotel for another if you are not okay with their services or facility.


Consider the rate

Booking any rate at all shows that you have different intentions for your trip and nothing shows that you will stay in the hotel. It’s fine if your financial status matches the selected hotel. Select hotel within your budget. While searching for hotels, filter the results to show rates from LOW TO HIGH. Book what reasonably matches your financial status. Students are encouraged to stay in hostels when on a very low budget.

Note your selection

A male visa applicant was denied visa because he booked a female dormitory. Crosscheck your selection to make sure you are reserving the right room.

Proximity and accessibility

As a traveler visiting a country you haven’t been to before, you are expected to have researched a lot about it. If you are traveling to see specific tourist attractions or attend an event, you are to book a hotel or hostel closer to these places. If it’s expensive to stay closer, check if the tourists sites or event venue is accessible from the chosen hotel.

Secure your booking

You are not supposed to pay for your booking since your trip is not yet confirmed until visa is issued. You only have to secure you booking with a Visa or Mastercard. This serves as guarantee that if you don’t cancel your booking before the specified cancellation period, they will have means to charge you. Because you are applying early and have taken note of their cancellation policy, you won’t hesitate to provide your card details to secure your booking.

Book and Apply

After taken note of the above, go ahead and make your reservation. Provide correct contact details including email address so as not to miss important correspondence from the hotel. Print the reservation and include in your application. Make sure your name appears on the confirmation. When completing the visa forms, your address in the country you are visiting is the address of the hotel. Provide the hotel’s contact details as your contact details abroad.

What next?

If your visa application comes out successful, revisit your hotel reservation to see if you are still traveling on selected dates, make necessary changes if any. Remember to travel with a copy of the booking confirmation as authorities at various airports may want to see it. You may also need it to locate the hotel.

If your application is denied, cancel your hotel booking immediately to avoid charges.

Start making your hotel bookings with the search box below and feel free to contact us if you have difficulties.

(Written by Akesse Sanza. He’s a Travel Blogger, Travel & Tourism Consultant. Akesse has traveled to many countries including the UK, the Netherlands, South Africa and others by just making hotel reservations. This write-up is from his personal experience and others shared by travelers. Note that having a hotel reservation does
not guarantee a positive outcome of a visa application. You still have to meet other requirements)

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