Dangers of using fake bank statements in visa applications



Though some might have succeeded in obtaining visas with fake documents, do away with fake documents and be honest throughout your visa application.

It’s good to explain why you don’t have a bank statement than forging one. Many applicants unknowingly included fake documents because they left their travel plans in the hands of connection men or visa contractors.

In the rest of this article, discusses some of the dangers involved in the use of fake bank statements.

1-) Prosecution

If you spend a day at the Fraud office at the Police Headquarters, you will count many people who have been brought there for forging bank statements in support of their visa applications.

Once arrested, court may fine and/or jail you if found guilty. Why put yourself in this danger to visit another country?

2-) Jeopardise subsequent applications

If you are lucky and not caught for the first time, it’s going to affect your subsequent applications. What do you do if you are to make a re-application because you were denied? What happens when the embassy calls you for an updated bank statement? What happens when you forget details on the forged statement and present a new one in a new application? The inconsistency would mean tougher hurdles to jump.


3) Travel bans

Almost all countries will ban you immediately after discovering that you included a fake bank statement in your application. The UK ban such applicants from entering the country for ten years. It’s better to use a year to explain your circumstances and why you don’t have a bank statement or why you don’t have enough in your account, than getting banned for ten good years. And I even doubt if they would ever trust you after the ten-year ban.

Compare these scenarios

Kofi and Ama applied for UK visas at the same time. Kofi used a fake bank statement while Ama used her genuine account. Both applications were denied, but because Kofi used a false statement, he was given a travel ban to the UK for ten years. Ama re-applied and provided answers to the concerns raised by the Entry Clearance Officer. She gets the visa.

In another scenario, if Ama is refused the visa because she doesn’t have enough funds, she can still get the visa in future when she has enough funds while Kofi keeps on serving his ten years ban for applying with a false statement.

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