How to apply for UK Visa to spend vacation in the UK as a student

Tertiary institutions will soon be breaking for a long vacation. Students who can afford usually choose to spend their vacation in the United Kingdom. It is advisable that you avoid middlemen, connection men or visa contractors at all cost when applying for visas as they may affect your travel plans negatively.


READ: Top Reasons Why You Should Avoid Visa Connection Men, with the aim of making travel safe, easier and affordable for all, has put together how students can apply for UK visas for their holidays during their school’s long vacation.


The GOV.UK website provides full guidance on documents needed to support visa application.

List of Documents required


Valid Passport. It recommended that it has at least two free leaves for visas and stamps. Using passports that’s full or without free pages for visa and stamps is likely to delay your application.

Proof of Studies

As a student, you should add documents to prove that you are in school. A letter of introductory from your school is a must-have document. Other additional documents that may support your status as a student are Academic Transcripts, Admission Letters and Student ID. If you have already paid the next semester’s fees, you can also add receipt.


This is a very important aspect of visa applications as everything on travel is about money. Here, you demonstrate that you have enough funds to cover your trip. Almost all students are sponsored and as such students are not expected to have enough funds to pay for their trips themselves unless they are also working or have source of income. Your sponsor must demonstrate that he/she is capable of paying for your trip.

These are the documents you have to obtain from your sponsor:

Bank Statements (For the past 3 to 6 months)

Proof of income: If self-employed, business registration documents, Tax Certificate, invoices, receipts and documents relating to any other sources of income, if any. If your sponsor receives salary rather, add copies of his/her payslips, introductory letter from place of work, and Letter of Appointment.

ID: if sponsor has travel experience, include copies of his/her visas. Copy of sponsor’s ID should be included.

Letter of Sponsorship: A letter confirming his commitment to sponsor you. If your sponsor is anyone other than your parent, the reason for the sponsorship should be stated and must make sense (especially in this current economy where no one is expected to waste money). Remember to include your Birth Certificate if your parent is sponsoring your trip. This will confirm your relation.


If you have a host in the UK, he/she can send you a letter of invitation indicating that they have a place to host you. A letter of invitation must include the letter itself, proof of address, proof of employment and copy of ID. If your host is your sponsor, bank statement must be included.


If you don’t know anyone in the UK or do not have a host in the UK, it means you will be living in a hotel/hostel throughout your stay. Click HERE to book your hostel. Also READ how to make hotel reservations to support visa applications.

Print the hotel booking confirmation and include it in your application.

Flight Reservation

I have always argued why embassies require this as part of visa applications because one cannot confirm flights until visa is issued. Flight reservations also cancel within 2 days if payment is not made. This means that the embassies assess a cancelled reservation as part of the application. To the visa applicant, this gives you an idea of how much to spend on air ticket but fares are not guaranteed until purchased. May be this document helps the embassies to know the route you intend to use.

When making flight reservations make sure the date of arrival matches the check-in date of the hotel reservation.

Tour Itinerary

The Visa Officer may want to know how you intend to spend your days in the UK. You might have read or heard a lot about the UK that influenced your decision to visit the country. Write and indicate what you intend to do on each day of your stay in the UK. READ A sample itinerary of a two-week visit in the UK as a tourist.


Click HERE to register and complete the online application form. You are applying for a Standard Visitor Visa.

The video below by TLSContact can guide you further:

NOTE: You are not applying for a Study Visa, you are applying for a Standard Visitor Visa which is needed for your holiday.

After completing the online visa form, you will be redirected to the website of the Visa Application Center where you will book an appointment to submit your biometrics and supporting documents (That’s if you chose ASSISTED SERVICE). Remember to print all confirmations and documents checklist.

You can print the completed visa application but not required at the Visa Application Center.

After honouring your appointment, TLSContact will forward your documents and biometrics to UK Visas for a decision to be made.

NOTE: The decision to issue a visa is a sole responsibility of the Visa Officer. Do not make any travel plans until a visa is issued. Following these steps does not guarantee a successful application.

Where to apply

TLSContact, Movenpick Ambassador Hotel,
Emporium Building, 1st floor,

What to pack

  • Yellow Fever Vaccination Cards are checked at the Kotoka International Airport.
  • Hotel Confirmation/letter of invitation
  • Funds for your trip

READ: How and what to pack when traveling by air

Once you have been issued the visa, plan your stay ahead. Read a sample itinerary of how you can make the best out of your trip.

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