UK Visa Application In Ghana

Holders of Ghanaian passport require a visa when traveling to the United Kingdom. Ghanaians visiting the UK can stay for up to 6 months on each visit unless otherwise stated on the visa.

UK Visa Application Requirements For Standard Visa

UK Standard Visa permits the holder to stay in the UK for up to 6 months for tourism, visiting family and friends, business, undertake a short course of study, take part in research or an exchange programme as an academic, or for medical reasons. The documents required to apply for the visa depends on the purpose of travel. For persons visiting for tourism purposes, below are the documents required:

  1. Passport (Should be valid throughout the whole of your stay in the UK)
  2. Old Passports (If any)
  3. Birth Certificate
  4. Flight Reservation
  5. Hotel Reservation
  6. Travel itinerary
  7. Proof of financial support (Bank Statements)
  8. Proof of employment/studies (Including Introductory Letter)
  9. Properties and investments (If any)
  10. Marriage Certificate (If married)
  11. Children’s Birth Certificate (If any)

UK Visa Application Process

  1. Make available all the needed documents
  2. Complete the visa application form online at Gov.UK
  3. Pay the visa application fee, upload documents, and book an appointment to submit your biometrics
  4. Appear at the Visa Application Center on the day of the appointment with your passport
  5. Processing of application begins after submission of biometrics
  6. Visa Application Center contacts you to pick up your passport once application processing is completed.

UK Visa Application Fees

  • Short-term (up to 6 months): $139
  • Longer-term (valid for up to 2 years): $530
  • Longer-term (valid for up to 5 years): $961
  • Longer-term (valid for up to 10 years): $1206

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