China Visa Application in Ghana: Agents, Visa Fees, Application Form, Requirements, Appointment


Chinese visa is one of the most difficult visas to get in Ghana. Ten frequent travellers to China who were engaged by said they all employ the services of “Agents” anytime they have to travel to China.


For reasons best known to the Chinese Embassy, they don’t issue tourist and Hong Kong visas. This means that Ghanaians who have no intention of doing business in China cannot obtain a tourist visa to tour the country.

Since the embassy issues Business Visas the most, the rest of the article will discuss how to go about with a Chinese Business Visa application.

China Visa Requirements For Ghanaians (Business Visa)

General Requirement

  1. Valid Passport
  2. Two Passport Photographs
  3. Completed Visa Application Form
  4. Flight Reservation
  5. Hotel Reservation
  6. Bank Statement (At least GHS 50,000)
  7. Business Registration Documents

Other requirement based on China travel experience

Invitation Letter: There are two types of invitation letters accepted by the Chinese Embassy in Ghana; one issued by the Chinese Government, and the other issued by the company you are visiting. This is where the headache is when it comes to Chinese visa applications. All Chinese firms are ever willing to issue invitation letters to their business partners, but the embassy only accepts this kind of invitation from applicants who have visited China for at least three times. It doesn’t matter which other countries you have travelled to, if you have not been to China for at least three times, you can’t use the invitation letter issued by the company.

The invitation letter issued by the Chinese Government is accepted by the embassy whether applicant is a first time visitor to China or not. Most companies have a problem obtaining this kind of invitation and make it very difficult for Ghanaians who haven’t been to China three times or more to get a visa to China. This has forced many landing in the hands of agents, with some even losing thousands of Ghana cedis.

Advertisement has gathered that companies have to pay for the invitation issued by the Chinese Government, and this puts them off unless they are doing for a business partner who they’ve had successful business dealings with. So it is always advisable to transact some businesses with a Chinese company to build a stronger business relation so that they can provide you with such document anytime you intend visiting them.

China Embassy in Ghana Visa Application Form

China visa applicants are to fill the application forms online at After successfully filling the form, go ahead and make an appointment for submission at

China Visa fee in Ghana

The visa fee for China visa is USD100.00 regardless of visa type or number of entries.

China visa agents in Ghana

There are no licensed Chinese visa agents in Ghana. However, some licensed and non-licensed tour operators posing as visa agents are seen hanging around the embassy throughout the embassy’s working hours. Be careful dealing with agents as many have lost money and their passports in the process. Nonetheless, almost 100% of business persons who travel to China engage the services of agents.

China visa price in Ghana

The official visa fee for Chinese visa is $100. Per checks done by, agents charge $300 and $1,200 for frequent travellers and first-timers respectively. Frequent travellers here means persons who have travelled to China for at least three times.

China visa processing time in Ghana

The Chinese Embassy processes application in a week.

Chinese Embassy in Accra Location

6 AGOSTINO NETO ROAD , AIRPORT RESIDENTIAL AREA , ACCRA. Next to Akai Clinic and also near the US Embassy and Hungary Embassies.

NOTE: Do not contact to refer you to a China Visa agent as we are unable to do so. We urge you to communicate with the inviting company for the necessary invitation letter and follow the process discussed here.

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