Touring Johannesburg: The Must-Visit Apartheid Museum


The Apartheid Museum, located in Johannesburg, is arguably the most historic and iconic museums in Johannesburg and South Africa as a whole. The museum which was established after the fall of the infamous apartheid system in 1992, preserves memories of the horrific events that took place during the apartheid era especially in relation to the treatment of Black South Africans and the incarceration of Black political leaders like Nelson Mandela.

Inside the historic museum, tourists can find graphics portraying the apartheid era and how life generally was back in the days. Also there are hundreds of artefacts and replicated monuments from the apartheid era on full display in the museum with the most popular being the segregation entrance which sort to portray how blacks and whites were racially segregated in South Africa, with Blacks having to enter certain places using different entrance from that of the whites.

Apartheid Museum

Apartheid Museum

The Museum was originally built in 2001 by the South African government under the leadership of Nelson Mandela to remind South Africans of the atrocities of the past and the need to never go back to such a period but rather live in harmony and unity as one people with equal rights and freedom irrespective of race or culture.

As a museum dedicated to the preserving the history of South Africa’s past and teaching people the need not to revisit that dark era, the Apartheid Museum occasionally holds festive events in the course of the year to mark and celebrate the end of apartheid.

The Museum is opened to people of all races and people from all cultural background including non-South Africans who wish to visit the facility to learn a bit about the apartheid history of the Rainbow Nation.

Tourists who intend to visit the museum are advised to make an early reservation, at least a day to the visit in order to get the best experience as the facility is one of the busiest attractions Johannesburg.


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