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Embracing Budget Travel: My Journey to Cutting Down Costs and Exploring the World

Throughout my years of travel, I have always indulged in luxury accommodations, ride-hailing services, and various other conveniences. However, with an ambitious itinerary this year and a desire to explore multiple countries, I made a conscious decision to opt for cheaper alternatives and embrace budget travel. In this blog post, I will share my recent experiences of choosing hostels over hotels, walking instead of relying solely on ride-hailing services, and utilizing public buses and trains to navigate new destinations.


A Shift Towards Budget Accommodations

Unlike my previous travels, where I reveled in the comfort of hotels, I made a significant change this year by staying in hostels. This decision was primarily driven by the need to cut down costs while still enjoying a fulfilling travel experience. Sharing a room with fellow travelers not only provided significant savings but also opened doors to new friendships and exciting adventures. It was a refreshing change to meet like-minded individuals from different corners of the world and embark on memorable journeys together.

Met Zeeshan at the hostel and we explored Amsterdam together.

Met Zeeshan at the hostel and we explored Amsterdam together.

Discovering the Joys of Walking

While ride-hailing services were my go-to mode of transportation in the past, I decided to challenge myself and embrace a more active and cost-effective approach—walking. This shift allowed me to immerse myself in the local culture, soak in the atmosphere, and stumble upon hidden gems that are often missed when traveling by car. Walking became a gateway to discovering the soul of each destination, uncovering its unique charms, and capturing moments that I would have otherwise overlooked.

I would have missed this view of the Eiffel Tower if not for walking

I would have missed this view of the Eiffel Tower if not for walking

Embracing Public Transportation

In previous years, I relied heavily on ride-hailing services to explore new cities. However, with a budget-conscious mindset this year, I turned to public buses and trains as my preferred modes of transportation. While initially daunting, navigating the local public transportation systems allowed me to experience destinations like a local. I gained insights into the rhythm of daily life, interacted with locals, and explored off-the-beaten-path neighborhoods that are often bypassed by tourists. Not only did this choice save me money, but it also provided authentic and memorable experiences that enriched my journey.


Catching a train at Reggio Emilia, Italy

Catching a train at Reggio Emilia, Italy

Land travel instead of air

Additionally, one of the most memorable experiences during my budget travel journey was choosing bus travel instead of flights for certain routes. An example that stands out is when I traveled from Amsterdam to Paris. Instead of taking a quick flight, I opted for a scenic bus journey that allowed me to witness the beauty of the Belgian and French landscapes along the way. The bus made stops at various cities, and one of the highlights was our breakfast stop in the charming city of Gent. It was an unexpected delight to explore this picturesque Belgian city, savor local delicacies, and soak up the atmosphere before continuing our journey to the enchanting streets of Paris.

Choosing the bus over flights not only saved me money but also provided a unique opportunity to immerse myself in the local culture and witness the gradual transition from one destination to another. The landscapes, architecture, and glimpses of everyday life in different cities enriched my travel experience and added an element of adventure to the journey. It reminded me that the journey itself can be as rewarding as the final destination.

By embracing bus travel, I discovered the joys of a slower pace, the thrill of spontaneous detours, and the chance to explore hidden gems that are often overlooked when flying from point A to point B. It was a reminder that sometimes the scenic route can offer more than just cost savings—it can provide an unforgettable travel experience filled with unexpected discoveries and treasured memories.

This year, with an ambitious travel agenda in mind, I made a deliberate shift towards budget travel. Although I had previously indulged in luxury accommodations and ride-hailing services, embracing cheaper options like hostels, walking, and public transportation allowed me to explore more countries while staying within my budget.

Zeeshan gave me this nice shot. I didn't have to beg other tourists to take me a picture.

Zeeshan gave me this nice shot. I didn’t have to beg other tourists to take me a picture.

This change not only helped me save money but also added an element of adventure, authenticity, and connection to my travels. Whether you’re looking to save money or embark on a more immersive journey, consider incorporating these budget travel strategies into your next adventure. Embrace the joys of meeting fellow travelers, walking through vibrant streets, and discovering the local essence of each destination. It’s an incredible way to expand your horizons, create lasting memories, and experience the world in a whole new light.

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