Ten (10) Consideration For Travelers In Buying Air Tickets

8. Choose the right payment method

There are several ways you can pay for tickets depending on where it is being purchased. Credit or debit cards, exchanging miles or points earned through frequent flyer programs and also by cash. When you intend paying by credit or debit card on the airline’s website, make sure you pay with your own card or the card holder is traveling with you. You are required to present the card during check-in to be allowed boarding. Even if you pay with your own card, contact the airline before your date of travel to find out if tickets are issued. Some airlines will hold bookings till further checks on the card. These checks may require you to fill a card authorization form or present your card in person to the airline’s office.
If you are paying by card, it’s more advisable to buy from an online agent. These agents have their own way of settling the airlines and you won’t have issues traveling. You are not required to present credit cards during check-in when ticket is purchased from an agent whether online or not. When purchased from an agent with someone’s card, you are not required to present it at the airport or it’s a must to travel with the card holder. When purchased from the airline’s website and you are refused boarding because the card holder isn’t travelling with you or not available for checks during the process, you will receive full refund. Refunds may take up to 45 days to hit the card holder’s accounts. In some cases, it may be earlier or later than usual, just imagine if it’s the only funds available for your travel ticket.
You can always check your tickets online to make sure details are exact like provided. Most airlines can make changes or cancel tickets for full refund if requested for within 24 hours after purchase.


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