Ten (10) Consideration For Travelers In Buying Air Tickets

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9. Request for meals, choose seat

I am always given special meals when I’m traveling. My meals are specially made with my name and seat number on them. I receive my meal before anyone else, sounds interesting! Most frequent flyers don’t even know about this. Unless on short distance flight , which snacks are served, all long haul flights passengers get the opportunity to request for their meals in advance (though not advertised ). If you are travelling with infants, it is better to request for their meals in advance. I hate to be seated in the middle. Neither do I love to be close to the aisle. When a passenger on the window seat is the type that visits the washroom every 10 minutes, you will have to be getting up all the time. Unless maybe you are scared to be seated at the window, it’s always best to be there, so you can enjoy your cool slumber throughout the journey devoid of any interruptions. You have the chance to select your seat soon after purchase. British Airways takes a fee for choosing a seat in advance. Almost all other airlines do so for free.

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