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“No. I can survive well enough on my own—if given the proper reading material.” – Sarah J. Maas

When thinking of how to make your vacation a success, think READING. A traveller who hates reading will not only spend much on vacation but could experience a massive delay in obtaining the necessary travel permit, or even have their visas denied. In cases where visas are approved, travellers could be denied entry into a foreign country because they failed to read.

Visa Applications

Forget about the experiences, the significant difference between you and your travel agent is READING. Since you hate to read, your agent reads and tells you what he read.

The first step towards a visa application is to read. Read about the visa requirements, all guidance provided, FAQs, application process, processing times, dos and don’ts.

Embassies provide all the information visa applicants need to make a visa application. These information are updated from time to time, and one can only know by reading.

“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.” – Frederick Douglas

Even if you intend employing the services of a travel agent or a travel consultant based on their experiences, you must read widely. When you have foreknowledge about something, you become okay with the little that an expert teaches you.

When you are issued a visa, you are expected to read all the details printed on the visa to ensure that there are no errors. The embassy is not responsible for such mistakes once you fail to detect and notify them.

Many visa applicants have found themselves in a situation at the UK Visa Application Center where they are forced to pay for Premium Services because they selected it during their online application process. Because they did not have the time to read about the value-added services provided by the centre, they are forced to pay over twice as the visa fees, a service they don’t need but selected. Other UK applicants also select SELF-SERVICE but rather arrive at the application Center seeking for ASSISTED SERVICE. This is because they didn’t read.

“To learn to read is to light a fire; every syllable that is spelled out is a spark.” – Victor Hugo

Before travelling

What documents do you need to carry along? What items are you allowed to send to the country? What items are allowed on the plane? How do you travel with your pets? What does the airline policy say about Plus Size passengers? What time should I arrive at the airport for check-in? These and many other questions could be answered by reading.

Reading saves you a lot of stress, time and inconveniences. If you don’t read, how do you know that people travelling to Kenya, India, South Africa and other destinations need to carry a Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate?


“Reading is a basic tool in the living of a good life.” – Mortimer J. Adler

While on the trip

How do you go about things on your trip if you hate to read? Do you sit at any boarding gate waiting for your plane? Do you get on the plane and sit anywhere?

Do you join any queue at the passport control when you arrive? Do you read well before completing all the forms given to you?

Going about things at the airport has to do with reading signs directing you to your boarding gates, toilets, shops and other places you may need. Transiting passengers locate their gates by checking on the monitors at the airport. Departure times and gates are always subject to change, and one can only know by reading from the monitors.

Most frequent travellers are not taking advantage of Frequent Flyer Programs because they’ve not even heard of them before. Passengers who are supposed to enjoy VIP Lounges end up hanging around other passengers because they’ve not read to know that the height they’ve attained with a particular airline rewards them with it.

It’s difficult to enjoy certain services in some countries if you hate reading. London’s Underground train is all about reading. It’s either you get on the wrong train or alight at the wrong station. Read before you jump into the rails to pick up your item as you will die before reaching it.

“Reading is a discount ticket to everywhere.” – Mary Schmich

What should a traveller read?

The Embassy’s website of the country you are visiting is the first place to visit for information if your travel requires a visa. Even if it doesn’t, it’s advisable to check as there could be other messages available for people visiting the country. Embassies’ websites contain every single information a visa applicant needs to put a visa application together. In cases where information is limited, you can contact the embassy for additional information if you can’t find what you are looking for.

Don’t be skipping lines as you read. Every single information will end up saving you money and time.

If you are granted a visa, crosscheck every single information on the visa to make sure they are all right. If your visa came along with additional information, read all of them.

Read every single letter on word on your travel tickets and boarding passes. Look out for signs at the airport for directions to your gates and read any leaflets recording flight safety provided on the plane.

Explanatory notes are also found on travel blogs and websites. Your number one travel blog,, publishes articles that cover all areas of travel to aid travellers throughout their journeys.

Someone commenting on a post on How to Apply For Schengen Visa will still be asking how to apply for a Schengen visa.

If you are interested in travelling, cultivate the habit of reading.

“If we encounter a man of rare intellect, we should ask him what books he reads.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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