Mountains in Ghana


There are many mountains in Ghana attracting millions of tourists and religious groups who pray on these mountains. Below is a compilation of some of the mountains in Ghana.

Top 10 Mountains in Ghana

Aburi Mountains

Located in the Eastern Region of Ghana lies this iconic mountains. Aburi which is the name of the town, houses the Aburi Mountains. It is home to so many species and trees.

Mount Afadjato

The highest mountain in West Africa offers spectacular views into both Ghana and Togo where it rests, surrounded by purely green vegetation and falls like the Wli, and Tagbo Falls all in the Volta region of Ghana.

Atwea Mountains

Atwea Mountains is located at Kumasi, Ashanti region of Ghana and well known for holding prayer camps for many people in Africa. Pastor Abraham Osei-Asibey from a local Methodist church formed the camp as he regularly went there to pray.

Mount Edouka

It is among the list of the highest mountains in Ghana as its elevation is 2,542 feet/785 Metres above sea level. Mount Edouka separates both Togo and Ghana and has a nice jungle which contains snakes, insects, monkeys, birds and lizards in it. It is located at the Eastern Part of Ghana extending into Badou.


Mount Adaklu

This mountain is situated 12 km from Ho in the Volta Region of Ghana which has the highest mountain in West Africa. Mount Adaklu is one of the highest in Ghana at about 580m above sea level and is venerated by the inhabitants of nearby villages of the Ewe ethnic group. Its elevation is 580m (1,900 ft). It also has some wild bees, palm wine and local gin, better known as akpeteshie. At certain periods, tours are organized on the mountain for tourists, and the profits derived from them are invested in the community.

Mount Dzebobo

Mount Dzebobo is the second-highest mountain in Ghana after the almighty Mount Afadjato in the Volta region. On top of this mountain, you can have a wide view of the western Volta Lake. Its elevation is 876 m (2,874 ft) in the Akwapim-Togo Range. It is located at the Nkwanta Municipal District, Oti Region, Ghana.

Mount Kwamisa

This mountain has an elevation of 2,479 feet and is 4th highest mountain in Ghana. Mount Kwamisa is affected by the Harmattan winds from month of January to the month of March but is surrounded by Kwamisa Forest Reserve and the Apro River Forests Reserve. It is situated at Kwamisa, 6km from Subranum and about 8km from Ahiruam.

Mount Pakesie Bepo

It is located near Accra in Ghana. It has a height of 2,388 feet above sea level. Patrons who visit there get into fishing contests and they end up winning fishing supplies as well as equipment. Mount Pakesie Bepo is surrounded by slopes, summit areas (small), with above 300m local relief map in Ghana.

Mount Atiwiredu

Mount Atiwiredu, the third tallest mountain in Ghana, is located at Akyem-Abuakwa, it has a height of 2,539 feet above sea level. The soil contains bauxite.

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