How To Get A Bank Statement In Ghana For Visa Application


Every bank account holder can obtain a bank statement from their bank. A Bank Statement is simply a printed record detailing every single financial transaction with the bank.


Banks charge customers a small fee for every single page the statement occupies. Most banks charge GHS5 per page.

There are two types of Bank Statements; Interim Statements and Official Statements. Interim Statements are requested by customers to crosscheck transactions performed with the banks. This kind of statement is not used for official purposes and can be easily accessed only through internet banking. Official Statements, just as its name, is used for official purposes such as visa applications. When requesting a bank statement, tell your bankers what you intend to use the statement for.

Only banks and financial institutions can issue Bank Statements.


How do I get a copy of a bank statement?

A bank account holder can obtain a copy of their bank statement from the bank they do business with. If the statement is not for official use like visa application, the customer can customer pulling the statement through their online if they are signed up to internet banking.

How can I get a copy of my bank statement online?

Customers who have signed up for internet banking can get a copy of their statement online. The online banking portal allows customers to select their preferred dates and save the statements in various formats including PDF and EXCEL. It should be noted that statements printed by customers online cannot be used for visa application.

What qualifies as a bank statement?

Everyone customer of a bank qualifies for a bank statement irrespective of their balance.

Can you fake a bank statement?

Yes, Bank Statement can be faked and many are serving jail terms for doing so. Do not fake a bank statement as the accompanied dangers can permanently affect your travel plans.

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