DV 2021: Mistakes you should avoid even before registration begins


The Diversity Visa program, which is administered by the US State Department, makes 50,000 permanent resident visas available annually to nationals of countries with low immigration rates to the United States over the previous five years.

Many have been victims of Diversity Visa-related frauds and have missed out the chance of even entering the past draws.

As interested people await on the US Department of State to announce the date for the DV 2021 registration, some fake sites and individuals have already started their registration. through this article wants to update readers of what’s currently happening  and what’s about happen.

What is happening now?

Currently, DV 2019 winners are still attending their interviews and they should complete their visa journey latest  September 30, 2019.

DV 2020 entrants, those that registered between October 3rd, 2018 and November 6th, 2018, are also checking the status of their entries. The US State Department will begin processing visas and conducting interviews for the winners starting in October, 2019.

So if you are not a DV 2019 winner, or DV 2020 entrant, then you currently have nothing to do DV-related. Anything you are following aside these two is probably a scam.

DV 2021 Registration Opened?

Registration for DV 2021 is not yet opened. The period for registration is usually in October/November. There are several websites, Internet Cafes and Registration Centers that “have opened” their own registration. These are not legit.


Mistakes to avoid in DV 2021

Checks by reveal that most of the registrations going on at the internet cafes and in towns are to collect data of interested people and have them registered when the official registration period is opened by the US Department of State.

Avoid this practice at all cost. Leaving your data with these guys means you won’t have the registration confirmation once they make the registration on your behalf. You need the confirmation to check the status of your entry and to process your visa if you are selected. It has also been revealed that once they have your details, they keep registering you every year. The program requires that a photo of over 6 months should not be used. Using the same photo  yearly is one of the reasons you are not winning. Even those who are lucky to win are requested to pay huge sums of monies to have access to their registration confirmations.

In summary, if you intend registering for DV 2021, the registration isn’t yet opened. Wait for the announcement to be made on the official DV lottery website.

Reps from the US Embassy in Ghana spoke on how many people disqualify themselves unknowingly. Read from here.

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