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Koforidua has within the last two decades seen such tremendous change that it has gradually gained a reputation for being one of the best cities to live in Ghana. Having undergone name branding, the town has been known in time past as the flower city for the numerous “flowers”. i.e. the beautiful ladies the city prides itself with, hitherto known as the “Koforidua flowers”.


Sometime in 2013, an Actor and a Dancer, Coudjoe Nana Nyarko popularly known as CNN, invented the name “KofCity” and this has gone down well with many who now refer to the city as such, others prefer the good old “KofTown.”

Poly Traffic Light

Poly Traffic Light

For various reasons, it has become a place for many. These reasons are countless; however, a few of them are its lack of heavy traffic as compared to Accra, Kumasi or Takoradi, Affordable housing, and its proximity to Accra. The city has also gained a reputation for its motorable roads within its suburbs and home of famous bread B Foster.

In this piece, takes a look at some of the best areas to live within KofCity.

Old Estates

The Old Estates is a community in the City that came to be as one of the Social Security and National Investment Trust (SSNIT) flats. The community gradually expanded to include other flats that were built by individuals. The community has gained popularity for being the “most sort after” place of residence for professionals and the elite for good reasons.

Old Estates is one of the suburbs in KofCity that has almost every road in the community well tarred.

It is also a place of choice for many because it has enough working street lights. If you are the type who goes out and returns home late, security should be of concern to you. And during the night, the number one rule for security is that one should see and be seen. The Old Estates provides just that for her indwellers.

Low level of noise: Unlike other areas that are known for their noisy reputation like Betom, Jackson Park or certain parts of Srodae, the Old Estates is a quiet place. And you can be sure of that serene environment where you can rest or take that nap whenever you want to without worrying about a sudden headache induced “wake”.

Taxis plying all the time: Unlike some communities like Abugri where taxis will not ply when it rains unless for a good price, Old Estates is one of those places where you are almost always going to find a taxi home anytime, in any weather. And oh if you are a taxi driver who wants to ply your trade to the Old Estates, be warned, the people in this community don’t board old taxis.

Adweso SSNIT Flat

Sharing a boundary with the Koforidua Secondary Technical (SECTECH) and the New Juaben Senior High School, this place houses some of the most prominent people in the City. The Adweso SSNIT flats, like its Old Estates counterpart, is known for its well laid out roads. The place is a high-demand area ever since the flats were put up. Even though the buildings therein are out of sales, people still inquire for houses to buy in the community.


The community houses the famous King of Glory Early Childhood Development Centre, one of the prestigious development centres in Koforidua. It is also home to the famous Clinical Pastoral Education, the only one in Ghana, and former Mac Dic Royal Hotel (Now, Mac Dic Royal Annex), below are a few reasons why this community is the best places to live.

Proximity to the Highway: The Adweso SSNIT Flats is so close to the highway that links the Adweso community to the city centre that it is effortless commuting to and from the suburb.

Excellent lighting: Certainly, this is one of the suburbs you can wake up in the middle of the night and go out for jogging, with its well laid out streets and lightening, the community is almost always brightening.

Silent Environment and Greenery: This is one of the greenest and silent environ in Koforidua, with lots of trees in the community, the environment is always full of fresh air, especially at night. You will not miss the feeling of a “garden” in this community even if you are just passing by.

Lastly, it is one of the places in KofCity that is very accessible; taxis will ply the Adweso SSNIT flats any day and at any time.

Atekyem – Kassadjan

Having seen new roads in early 2020, Atekyem-Kassadjan is most definitely one of the “housing hot cakes” in Koforidua. Closest to the bypass linking the “Poly Junction” to the “Licence Office – Asokore Roundabout”, the community has expanded gradually with lots of infrastructures.

One reason this is one of the best places to live in is its new roads and buildings that are springing up. Suddenly, the home of Souls Habour, Plan Ghana Office, Koforidua Hospital and Oasis of Love retreat Centre, has seen a facelift in early 2020. The new buildings that are springing up in the place seem to have coincided with the construction of the new roads in the community, giving the place a brand new identity.

Most definitely, there is going to be a “rush” for accommodation in the community, but like it is said, the early bird catches the worm.

This community is gradually developing into an autonomous community as it is receiving such a considerable facelift that will see it having almost all that a community needs to become independent, like schools, hospitals and markets.

Daasebre Estates

Sharing a boundary with the Densu Ano residents, a highway in between this community and the Old Estates, this is one of the “small communities” in Koforidua.

It is a community anyone will love to live in for different reasons.

Gate-like environs: Even though there is no gate to this community, it looks just as such, its main entrance looks so beautiful as though one was entering a gated community. Almost every house in here at Daasebree is walled beautifully. It is one of the best places to live in Koforidua, very quiet, especially at night and then airy during the day.

If you are the type who does not like too many people around you, you want your residence cute, quiet, neat and serene. This is what you have been looking for.

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