Zoos in Sicily And Their Contact Details

Sicily, Italy is arguably the largest island in the Mediterranean. Sicily has about 5 million inhabitants. The historic and ancient Italy city is well known for its beautiful beaches, gardens, its prominent landmark, the Mount Etna; the tallest and one of the last active volcanos in Europe. The region is also known for her zoos.

Below are details of Zoos in Sicily and their contact details.

Biopark Zoo of Sicily

The Biopark Zoo of Sicily locally known in Sicily as Bioparco de Sicilia is a zoo that contains and exhibits exotic animals and also is focused on conservation and research on these animals. The amazing thing about this zoo is that tourist leave the zoo with so much knowledge on the ecosystem and the importance of biodiversity.

Generally, the zoo can boast of 57 different species of animals such as Tibetan goats, lemurs, dromedaries, wallabies and meerkats. There are also lots of reptiles on display as well as exotic plants and flowers. You will also find the Dinosaur Land where more than 20 real size dinosaur models can be seen.  The opening hours of the Biopack Zoo of Sicily are as follows:

  • March – 21. May: Daily from 9.30 to 18.00
  • June – 30. September: Daily from 9.30 to 19.30
  • October – 2. November: only on holidays from 9.30 to 17.00

For further details, travellers and persons interested in visiting can contact:

Tel.: +39 91 8676811

Casa Delle Farfalle

Most tourists after visiting the Casa Delle Farfalle would easily agree the zoo should be named as a wonder of the world. The zoo has one of the most natural settings, there is no piece of cement structures at the zoo, everything built at the zoo is made of wood.

The zoo consists of an insect area, a butterfly area and a material area. The provision of a tour guide who educate visitors about the animals at the zoo makes the visit not just fun and thrilling but also educative. Persons interested in visiting the zoo can reach zoo administrators for further details through; +39 095 789 0768.

Parco d’Orleans

Strange enough, reviews by tourists on the zoo, Parco d’Orleans, give the indication that most tourists visit the zoo thinking it’s a small park but get disappointed when they arrive at the zoo. The Parco d’Orleans is a magnificent zoo, it is full of beautiful and glorious hawks, eagles & pelicans in small cages desperately flapping their wings at the cages.

Other animals that can be spotted at the zoo include ducks, monkeys, peacocks and trees as old as 200 years, an example of such trees is the Sequoia tree. The Parco d’Orleans zoo is located at Piazza Indipendenza, Palermo, Sicily Italy. For further details, call administrators of the zoo on; +39 091 696 5038.

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