Xirumi Castle: What you need to know before your wedding

Undisputedly, Castello Xirumi, known in English as the Castle Xirumi, is one of the glorious facilities and structures in the whole of Italy. Although the castle, owned by Barons Grimaldi dates back to the 16th century, successors and the Grimaldi family have managed to keep the facility modernized and in shape for over hundreds of years making it very attractive to tourists and natives alike.

Xirumi Castle
Xirumi Castle

One feature of the Castello Xirumi that makes it the number one choice for most tourists is the strategic position of the castle. The magnificent castle is located in an ancient forest and in a citrus farm close to Catania and Siracusa, making the only access to the castle through a driveway bordered with palm trees and the Mediterranean flora. The property is of great archaeological interest, having a Neolithic necropolis.

The Xirumi Castle can boast of an inside courtyard leading to various buildings: a wine-making building, an olive-press building, and a granary store, all perfectly restored.

Xirumi Castle
Xirumi Castle

The beautiful nature and glamourous environment of the castle have also made it the number one choice for tourists and natives who wish to have their weddings in Italy.  Follow these steps published on the  official website of the castle to have your weddings at the Castle Xirumi;

  1. ​Create and realize an initial concept.
  2. Coordinate progress of your concept:
  3. design, production, decor flowers, illumination, special effects.
  4. Hire furniture included antique furniture.
  5. Save your many if you don’t need to hire all Castle spaces.
  6. Book banqueting and adapt an offer to your need.
  7. Book perfect accommodation and negotiate the price.
  8. Organize the transfer including special transfer carriage, vintage car, helicopter, hot air balloon.
  9. ​Book entertainment​ ​and great artists for your big day.

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