Why you should visit Amsterdam this December


Many people travel during summer despite airfares being very expensive but a trip in the winter for someone who experiences summer all-year long is recommended. Though everyone runs away from the cold, having a feel of these freezing temperatures especially would worth the experience.

Amsterdam is a city built on the back of history, defiance and most importantly tourism, receiving millions of tourists every year, most of who come to the city to enjoy the amazing services and attractions this wonderful city has to offer.

It is particularly not surprising to see trips to Amsterdam peaking in the Winter, just when it is close to Christmas as most t travelers choose this particular period to make their travels in other to enjoy the incredible winter weather and festive mood of the beautiful city of Amsterdam, found right in the middle of Netherlands.

Now you may be murmuring to yourself “I definitely have to visit this city”. Well you may not be the only one with this plan or intentions because millions of people are already planning towards it, trust me.

Why should you even visit Amsterdam this Christmas? Not only are you going to make huge savings on air tickets, and carry few cloths, there are lot of activities and reasons why you should visit and the rest of the article will give you a clue about the few things you could do in Amsterdam as you plan to visit this Christmas.

Top things to do in Amsterdam during Christmas

Ice Skating

Understandably not everyone may be a skating freak or lover of the art or even know how to skate, however if you happen to be a fan of this wonderful sport and enjoy skating, then you might just be visiting the best city to have the experience of a lifetime. Amsterdam has over the course of the decades gained a reputation for producing some of the world’s best ice skating champions and this largely due to the availability of so many skating spaces in the city and the people’s love for the sport.  For tourists who may be looking for a more iconic and historical place to skate, then Jaap Eden is just the right place to go. The facility is the city’s largest skating centre boasting of a 400m outdoor rink.

Amsterdam Winter Paradise

I personally deem is a capital crime to visit Amsterdam in the winter and not visit the Amsterdam Winter Paradise.  You may be thinking I am exaggerating at this point, well you simply have to visit this amazing place and make that judgement for yourself and I can assure you, you will come out and say I wasn’t. The Amsterdam Winter Paradise is held during every winter usually from December 21st to December 30th. Activities like skating, dinner with family and friends, enjoying live band music and drama performances etc are a few of the many incredible fun filled activities that take place within the ‘paradise’. If you are visiting Amsterdam this winter, you simply do not want to miss out on the fun at the Amsterdam Winter Paradise, and it is not even negotiable.



World Christmas Circus

There are many circuses in Europe and around the world, yet few comes close to the Christmas circus in Amsterdam in terms of pedigree, history, popularity and tradition. Since its inception some 34 years ago, the Amsterdam circus has grown to become of the biggest traditional entertainment activities in Amsterdam. It is hosted at the Koninklijk Theatre in the city and features activities like singing, drumming, horseback acrobatics and dancing. While the activity was not originally instituted as a Christmas event, over the years, it has become a major part of the Christmas festivities largely due to the time it is held ( in December).

Christmas Market

It simply wouldn’t be a complete winter trip to Amsterdam without visiting the many amazing markets in the city to enjoy some traditional Christmas shopping. Like most markets around the world, markets in Amsterdam offer discount and promotional prices for so many products, especially the much cherished and adored traditional Christmas items and gifts. The best of these markets are the Funky Xmas Market and the Westergasfabriek where almost everything, especially Christmas related products can be found and purchased as relatively cheaper costs.

Amsterdam Light Festival

The Amsterdam Light Festival is another major winter event in Amsterdam you wouldn’t want to miss out if you find yourself in the city. Now in its seventh edition, the event has become one of the biggest attractions in the city, attracting well over a million tourists each year. At this festival, sculptures and artworks from renowned and local sculptors are illuminated and displayed at the iconic city’s canal. The event takes place in the night and when the artworks are illuminated, the entire canal glows, making it a place to behold. Tourists can also take a tour of the canal and appreciate the architectural works around the canal.

Amsterdam Light Festival

Amsterdam Light Festival

Even though it is winter and in the month of December, visiting tourists should expect some occasional snowfall in Amsterdam. While this may sound unusual, it is very much normal in Amsterdam as the country experiences irregular snowfall in December even though the actual time for snowfall is the month of January. CLICK HERE TO JOIN A TRIP TO AMSTERDAM THIS DECEMBER.

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