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The Dipo Rites of the Krobos is a very controversial and talked about traditional and customary practice that the Krobos, found in the Eastern region of Ghana have held on for decades even in the face of fierce criticism and universal condemnation from all quarters, especially human right groups.

But why do the Krobos still hold on to the practice and why Dipo in the first place?

To begin with, Dipo is a traditional festival and rite that is meant to usher young girls (usually from the age of 16) into adulthood in the krobo area and the rite involves a number of activities including sitting on a ‘spiritual stone’ and parading through the community half-naked young girls with parts such as the breasts full on display to the town folks.


According to the Krobos, Dipo is a very important rite in their tradition that ushers the young girls into adulthood and signifies their readiness for marriage, hence once a Krobo lady goes through the Dipo rites, she is ready for marriage and any man can see her parents and seek for her hand in marriage.

The elders of Krobo also insist that Dipo rite is necessary to ensure the young girls remain chaste and stay away from premarital sex until they are married as those who have engaged in sex-before-marriage cannot take part in Dipo, serving as a deterrent.

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