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No one goes to Singapore and leave the country without visiting at least one of the many beautiful and stunning destinations the country is surrounded by.

If you happen to find yourself in Singapore, try a weekend trip to one of these beautiful destinations.

Krabi Island

Krabi island cliff in ocean water at Thailand

Krabi island cliff in ocean water at Thailand

If you are looking for the ultimate getaway near Singapore to spend the weekend, then Krabi is a great choice by all standards. The Province is located on the Western Coast of Thailand and has some amazing beaches, dense mangrove forests and wonderful weather.

Krabi is recognized as one of the finest cities to visit in Asia, attracting millions of tourists every year.

Major attractions in the town include the Maya Bay which rose to prominence in 2000 after a movie was shot at the location. Visiting Maya Bay is only possible through water transportation since the bay is located on an Island off the Krabi coast. Once there, tourists can take a safari tour around the Island, enjoy a sunbath on its beautiful beach and experience the luxury Maya Bay resort provides.

Mount Kelimutu

Kelimutu tricolor lakes Volcano. Flores, Indonesia

Kelimutu tricolor lakes Volcano. Flores, Indonesia

Mount Kelimutu, located in Indonesia is one of the best attractions near Singapore where friends and couples could visit on a weekend for an adventurous experience. The attraction is approximately 2283 km from mainland Singapore.

At Mount Kelimutu, tourists have to embark on a tedious trek of up to 1690 km before reaching the summit of the beautiful mountain. Once at the summit, tourists will see one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, lying right in the mountain, at the summit. The lake was created by a volcanic eruption that took place in the Flores Island in Indonesia, with the precise location of the volcano being Mount Kelimutu.

This resulted in a big crater being created at the summit of the mountain, paving way for the summit to become a beautiful lake attraction.

Vigan, Philippines

Aerial view of turquoise water and sandbar on tropical Vigan Snake Island, tourist attractions, tour trip El Nido Marine Reserve Park, Philippines

Aerial view of turquoise water and sandbar on tropical Vigan Snake Island, tourist attractions, tour trip El Nido Marine Reserve Park, Philippines.

Vigan is just 2,554km from Singapore and is a must-visit destination and a nice place to spend a weekend for anyone who really loves history. The small town was first established in the 16th century and later came under the colonial rule of the Spanish around the 18th century. As their sole colonial rulers, pretty everything about the small town, from culture to architecture is linked to the Spanish.


While the town has developed immensely and the people live a very standard life, the town is still reminiscent of its former identity; an 18th Spanish colony. Even today, the people of the town ride around on horse-drawn carriages rather than in modern vehicles. Their houses are built in 18th Spanish architectural style, given one a feel of how the Spanish colony of the 18th and 19th century looked like.

Put it simply, Vigan is a small beautiful town with modern people who prefer to live life the old traditional way. Tourists who visit on weekends can take a tour of the town in horse carriages, visit some centuries-old Spanish flower shops as well as some historical colonial sites.

Saraii Village, Sli Lanka

Tree house in Saraii

Tree house in Saraii, Sri Lanka

Saraii Village in Sri Lanka provides tourists with a natural environment to spend a weekend, away from the tech-filled world. The village’s distance from Singapore is roughly 8,327 km. The village is strategically located from mainland Sri Lanka and provides visitors with a wide range of natural activities, such as thatch houses built in the form of treehouses and breakfast prepared with only natural ingredients.

Tourists can also visit the Leopard Safari located in another section of the village forest. Not forgetting the natural rivers found within the village for tourists who would want to enjoy some water activities. Put it simply, Saraii Village is a dream that everyone must live for some days and if you are in Singapore you have no excuse not to visit this wonderful destination and spend a weekend there.

Ipoh Town

Ipoh town is another fine weekend destination near Singapore. The Malaysian town is described as one of Malaysia’s best heritage towns, with a lot of historical and monumental structures found in the city.  For instance, the iconic Han Chin Pet Soo Museum which was specially built to preserve the history of the city’s tin-mining industry is situated in the town and is opened to the public. Also the city is home to the renowned Buddhist temple, Sam Poh Tong built in a limestone cave.

Ipoh is also known to be a city that specializes in the preparation of many Asian traditional foods such as the Prawn noodles and Ipoh Hor Fun. A weekend trip to this amazing city is definitely one to look forward to and add to your To-do list.

Phnom Penh

Royal Palace, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Royal Palace, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Not exactly a place where you would have countless natural attractions but the Cambodian capital is one of the best cities in Asia and being so close to Singapore, a weekend trip to this beautiful city wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Phnom Penh has successfully blended tradition with modern technology to build an amazing city where both the young and old would feel comfortable residing. On the streets are some fine restaurants and pubs which open day and night. The streets of the city are always filled with tourists, especially in the evening when people have closed from work and are out in the night having dinner dates or peer meetings at restaurants and pubs.

The residents are also very friendly and welcoming, and easy to engage with conversations with them to learn more about the city and its people.

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