Waterfalls in Ghana: Tagbo Falls



Tagbo Falls is located in the small village of Liate Wote in the Hohoe District of the Volta region, lying just some 27kilomtres from the main Hohoe township.

The waterfall is also very close to the famous Mount Afadja with only a few metres separating the two, giving tourists the opportunity to also visit the mountain after spending time at the iconic waterfalls.

Geographically, Tagbo Falls is found in the dense rain forest that surrounds the village and tourists would have to walk a few metres through the rainforest under the guidance of a tour guide before reaching the waterfalls, which quietly hides in the forest away from the prying eyes of the town folks.


The water flows 60 metres high from the top of a rock shaped hill surrounded with green vegetation. On a normal visit to the fall, one is likely to meet a few tourists there with some even showering under the waterfall.

Tips: It takes roughly 35minutes to walk through the rainforest before reaching the waterfall hence it is advisable to wear very comfortable shoes when embarking on the trip. The rainforest is also home to a lot of insects, some of which are not so friendly and won’t mind taking a bite. So it is recommended you wear dresses that cover your arms and legs to protect you from the insect bites. And also do not forget to take along a bottle of water as you may need it along the way.

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