WARNING: Beware of these travel scams running on Facebook shared with readers some facts and secrets about Visa Contractors, or Connection Men you need to know.


Due to the current economic situation in Ghana, it’s evident that people are trying everything possible to seek greener pastures outside.

Interestingly, everyone is considering Canada. What’s happening in Canada? I keep on asking as almost everyone is asking me about Canada.

These Visa Contractors are aware of the mad rush for Canadian visas and as such are running Facebook ads with photos of Canadian visas they picked on the internet.

Since they run Facebook Ads, people are likely to assume that they are credible and endorsed by Facebook.

Beware! All the ads you are seeing are fake. In the past months, many people have been victims of Canadian visas and have lost huge sums of monies to these visa contractors.


While it’s still advisable to seek professional advise for your travels, it’s highly recommended that you visit the Embassy’s website for the needed requirements and guidance on what you need to do to obtain a specific travel visa.

All the ads you see on Germany Working Visa, U.S Working Visa, Australia Working Visa are all scams. Don’t fall for them. If they really have jobs available in those countries and could send people to work legally, why are they not doing for their families and friends but rather for you?

Not only will you lose money dealing with these scammers, you will also put your travel in danger as they may be forced to try their luck and put in an application with fake documents.

Legitimate tour companies are aware of the dangers of illegal migration and human trafficking and as such would not put up these fake advertisements. These credible tour companies rather plan tours or events abroad for their clients and also ensure their return back home.

Have you been a victim of any of these adverts running on Facebook? Share your experience with us by email [email protected].

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Akesse Sanza

Akesse Sanza is a Ghanaian Travel Blogger, Travel and Tourism Consultant, and Anti-human Trafficking And Safe Migration advocate. Akesse loves everything Travel & Tourism and aims to see every single country in the world.

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