Wa Naa’s Palace: A Brief History

Wa Naa’s Palace

According to historians, the people of Wa originally migrated from the Sudanese area in the northern part of Africa and were largely nomadic people who travelled miles just to feed their animals mostly cattle without settling down permanently anywhere. However, for some strange reasons, the people did not continue their nomadic movement when they landed in the northern part of Ghana but instead chose to uncharacteristically settle down in the area.

After decades of living in their present land, they decided to install a chief from among themselves to give them more direction and leadership as threats from nearby towns grew. This led to the creation of the Wa Naa title with the Wa Naa being the supreme leader of the Wala people.

With time the people saw the need to have special accommodation to house the Wa Naa. An accommodation that could withstand enemies attacks and weapons should they ever be attacked, leading to the construction of the famous Wa Naa Palace right in the middle of the Wa township in the 19th century.

The Wala people unsurprisingly adopted the ancient Sudanese mud-brick architectural style in building the palace which gives credence to historical accounts that the Wala people migrated from Sudan in the north of Africa.

At its peak, the Palace served as home to the Wa Naa, his entire family, palace staff and top officials of the kingdom. Past Wa Naa chiefs were also buried in the compound where special space has been provided to accommodate tombstones of all deceased Wa Naas.

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