Visiting South Africa: The Boulders Beach

Talk of the finest and most beautiful beaches and seashores in Africa, and the Boulders Beach, located in South Africa comfortably sits atop of the list with its exquisite and magnificent natural beach and clean water which is comparable to none.


The beach is located near the Cape Town and is situated in the Cape Peninsula, away from human settlement and a little distant from the nearest community, Simon’s Town.

The popularity of the beach is largely due to its large penguin population, beautiful granite stones and clean water which one can easily see through.

The penguins first settled in the peninsula in the 1980s and have since then made the Boulders Beach their permanent home, while attracting millions of tourists each year.


Visiting tourists usually share the sea with and its shores with the penguins as they playfully roam on a section of the shore, close to where the beach visitors, forming a harmonious ecological relationship. While the penguins are not considered dangerous tourists are advised to watch them from their section of the beach and not cross over to the colony of the Penguins

Over the years, however concerns have been raised about the near extinction of the Penguins species known as the African Penguin. There all only a few thousands of them in existence and all are found in the Southern part of Africa, constantly exposed to dangers and attacks, with the Boulders Beach which boasts of about 2000 of them being the only place where they are protected from harm.

For the loves of beaches and animals, the iconic Boulders Beach is a must visit especially residents of South Africa, especially those living in the Cape Town.

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