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Taking a trip to South Africa is one of the most popular activities in the tourism world as millions of travellers make their way to the Southern African nation every year to experience the beauty of this fantastic city fondly referred to as the rainbow nation.

While going to South Africa may be simple without much introspection, choosing which cities to visit could be a daunting and challenging choice to make due to the many beautiful and incredibly amazing cities the country boasts of.

What makes it a more difficult choice to make, these cities are all filled with some beautiful attractions worth visiting. In this article we try to make a decision more comfortable for you to make by discussing the top cities to visit in South Africa as a tourist; cities that you can be rest assured would provide you with the best of services and experience in terms of tourism and funfair.


Kimberley is one of the historic cities in South Africa, where the discovery of diamond took place in the 1800s, becoming a significant revenue-generating city for South Africa. At the peak of the town, many travelled from all over the country to work in the mines of Kimberley and make a fortune for themselves. Today, even though the activity of diamond mining is at the barest minimum with a handful of mining activities still taking place in the city, many of the old mining grounds still exist for tourists to visit. There are also a couple of mining-related museums in the town where visiting tourists can go and learn more about the history of diamond discovery in this old city.

Mossel Bay

Mossel Bay is known to be a favourite for beach lovers and surfers and this understandably so because of the many beautiful beaches the city boasts of.  As a coastal city, Mossel Bay is situated just at the end edge of the sea, hence the city’s ability to attract a lot of sea-loving tourists every year. Lot of activities such as surfing, sunbathing, sporting activities take place on the beaches, and once you find yourself at the beach, you can walk straight into any of the fun activities going on without any questions or whatsoever from any of the participants. Mossel Bay is simply a city for the sea lovers and beach animals

Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth isn’t exactly a city carefully built for tourism; instead, it was designed to serve as an industrial hub for South Africa.


For this reason, you are more likely to find commercial buildings, factories and industries than tourism attractions in the city. This, however, does not mean there are no tourist attraction sites in Port Elizabeth. The few the town boasts of are among the best in the country and usually receive a high number of tourists compared to attractions in other cities. Most popular among these attractions are the Addo Elephant National Park and the Kragga Kamma Game Park.  The town is also well known for its beautiful towns which is a favourite for tourists.


The city of Johannesburg needs no introduction as it is arguably the most popular city in Africa and the most visited as well. The millions of people who visit the city every year do so for different reasons; some for economic reasons (business) and some for leisure reasons (tourism). Whatever your reason is for visiting Johannesburg it would be a crime to leave this incredibly vast and populated city without finding your way to some of the historic sites and museums the city has to offer. There are well over a hundred attractions in and around the city, ranging from nature parks to historic museums mostly related to the Apartheid system.

Cape Town

If you are looking for the prime tourism destination within South Africa Cape Town is the apparent destination without a second thought. The city has been carefully designed and developed to become a world-class tourists destination, and this has been incredibly successful looking at the city and the number of tourists that fly to the city every year.  Cape Town has the best and most diverse architectural building designs in South Africa that are unique and quite different from buildings in other parts of the country. The quiet city also boasts of some lovely restaurants, hotels, guesthouses, pubs and casinos which are all meant to make the city more enjoyable for visiting tourists. The sea adventure is another significant activity to watch out for in Cape Town, as people dive deep into the sea to swim side by side with the white sharks that populate the coastal sea of Cape Town.


Pretoria is the executive capital of South Africa, and also one of the most beautiful places to visit in South Africa. Unlike Cape Town, Pretoria does not have that exquisite feel of luxury but has a lot to offer in terms of tourism. As the former capital of the Apartheid system and residential city to most Afrikaans, the city is well built, with beautiful environment and old fashioned architectural buildings which gives one an idea and feel of how 18th century South Africa looked like. Wondering around the city is quite an experience as tourists would come across story buildings and mansions which look entirely different from the modern type of buildings we have today.


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