Travellers Can No Longer Carry Home Gifts Exceeding AED3000 When Travelling From The UAE


The UAE’s Federal Customs Authority (FCA) has issued a strict awareness guide on the value, type of items and gifts that travellers travelling to or out of the UAE can carry.


The guide states that the value of gifts carried from the UAE to countries abroad should NOT exceed AED3,000 (approximately $800). Adding that baggage and gifts should be personalized and in non-commercial quantities.

Here is a list of items below that can be carried without any duty imposed:


  1. Radio and CD players along with CDs
  2. Movie projection devices and relevant accessories
  3. Portable music instruments
  4. Strollers
  5. Personal sports equipment
  6. Portable computers and printers
  7. Video and digital cameras and their tapes for personal use
  8. TV and receiver one each
  9. Portable computers and printers
  10. TV and receiver one each
  11. Cellular phones
  12. Medication for personal use provided complying with applicable regulations
  13. Personal clothes toilet tools and luggage of personal nature
  14. Cellular phones
  15. Medication for personal use provided complying with applicable regulations
  16. Personal clothes toilet tools and luggage of personal nature
  17. Telescopes

Although carrying the above items comes with certain conditions of exemption:

  1. You should not be frequently dealing with customs department or a trader of the substance in his possession
  2. Gifts brought in with traveller shall not exceed AED3,000
  3. Luggage and gifts should be of personal nature but in non-commercial quantities
  4. Tobacco quantity should not exceed the permissible limit of chopped tobacco for smoking pipe tobacco, regular tobacco or shisha exceeding
  5. Alcoholic drinks of a value of up to AED3,000
  6. Tobacco and alcohol can not be carried by a traveller below 18 years of age
  7. You should not be a member of the crew of the transport means

A list of PROHIBITED items that are illegal to carry into the UAE:

  1. Narcotics
  2. Paan substances (including betel leaves)
  3. Gambling tools and machines
  4. Live animals of pig species
  5. Raw ivory
  6. Laser pens with red light package
  7. Fake and counterfeited currency
  8. Publications, pictures, religiously offensive or immoral drawings and stone sculptures
  9. Nylon fishing nets

The below is a list of restricted commodities that may be allowed after permission:

  1. Live animals
  2. Plants
  3. Fertilisers and pesticides
  4. Weapons, ammunition, explosives and fireworks
  5. Medicines, drugs and medical equipment and instruments
  6.  Media publications and products
  7. New vehicle tyres
  8.  Transmission and wireless devices
  9. Alcoholic drinks
  10. Cosmetics and personal care products
  11. Raw diamonds

Apart from this, it’s very important that travellers coming to or departing from the UAE should disclose any currencies, negotiable instruments payable to bearer, and/or precious metals of stones valued more than AED60,000, or equivalent in other currencies. assists travellers with Dubai Visas and holiday packages. Email [email protected] or Whatsapp +233249383939 for our exceptional Dubai Travel Services.

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