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The capital of Japan, Tokyo, is one of Asia’s most beautiful cities and ranks among the finest and most modern cities in the world. Like any developed and commercially vibrant city, Tokyo receives millions of visitors annually, who go there for tourism, while some also go there on business purposes. Whatever your reason may be for visiting Tokyo, it doesn’t prevent you from embarking on a tour of the beautiful city.

Here are some few must-do things if you happen to travel to Tokyo.

Visit to the Tokyo Skytree

You cannot visit Tokyo and not make time to visit the Tokyo Skytree situated in the heart of the city. Construction of the structure began in 2008 and was completed in 2012, after which it officially became the tallest structure in Japan, giving you the chance to see the entire landscape and overview of Tokyo once at the summit of the structure. Not just Japan, the Tokyo Skytree is also the tallest tower in the world with a fantastic height of 634 metres, overtaking the Canton Tower. Since its construction, the sky tree has been one of the most visited tourist destinations in Tokyo, receiving about a million tourists annually. The sky tree also serves as a broadcaster for the city of Tokyo.

Trip to Senso-Ji

Senso-Ji is Japan’s most famous Buddhist temple founded in 645 AD. Even though the original structure isn’t what is currently in place, the new one was modelled on the design of the first one and located at the same spot. The temple, like most Buddhist temples, is dedicated to a Buddhisattva (types of Buddhi mini gods) and in this case the Bodhisattva of Compassion. The temple is recognised as the most visited religious and spiritual temple in the world, with an annual visitor population of over thirty million people. At the entrance of the temple is the imposing Kaminarimon; a magnificent Buddhist statue, also known as Thunder Gate. With a storied past and a wonderfully unique interior decoration, the Senso-Ji is a prime tourism destination every tourist visiting Tokyo must not miss.

Tokyo Imperial Palace

The Tokyo Imperial Palace is the official residence of the Emperor of Japan, located in Chiyoda of Tokyo. The current structure was designed and built in 1993 by famous Japanese architect, Shozo Uchii as part of efforts by the Japanese people to secure a worthy palace for the emperor of Japan after former palaces had been destroyed fully or partially by throne wars within the kingdom. While the palace is not closed to the public, only two sections are opened for public visits and viewing, those sections being the East Gardens and the Imperial Household Agency. Tourists are allowed to tour these sections with the help of a few palace staff who serve as tour guides with the rest of the palace being off-limits. As the symbol of Japan’s tradition, visiting the Royal Imperial Palace is a must for any tourist who travels to Tokyo.


Ueno Park

Ueno Park, located in Tokyo, is one of the largest multi-purpose public parks in the world. The park has an area coverage of 538.505.96 metres square and was established in 1873 by the royal house of Japan as part of efforts to adopt western practices and modernise Japan. The park is home to some 9000 trees of different species, has a zoo and boasts of a number museums including the Tokyo National Museum, National Museum of Western Art, Shitamachi Museum and International Library of Children’s Museum. The park also has a pond and small marshland which usually serves as a wintering ground for different bird species. Ueno Park is a national favourite in Tokyo and is the dream of most Japanese from far and near Tokyo to visit it at least once in their lifetime.


Ginza is to Tokyo what Times Square is to New York. Located in the centre of Tokyo, Ginza district is Tokyo’s busiest shopping and commercial centre, where people from all over Tokyo come to for most of their needs. The centre has been the single most iconic commercial centre in Tokyo for centuries and connects five major cities. During weekends, vehicles are barred from the Ginza streets where most of the shops are located, making it accessible to only pedestrian. There is nothing desired to be bought that cannot be found in Ginza with over thousands of shops, stores and restaurants ready to cater for everyone’s needs. While Ginza is primarily a commercial area, tourists who visit Tokyo always make time to visit this particular part of Tokyo that never sleeps.

The Meiji Shrine

The Meiji shrine is a unique shrine built in the early 1900s and dedicated to Emperor Meiji and his wife, Empress Shoken. The structure was however destroyed during the WWII with construction of a new shrine kicking off in 1950 and seeing completion in 1958. The shrine is surrounded by an evergreen forest that has over 120,000 trees. Within the shrine is a museum specially dedicated to the memory of the late Emperor Deji and his wife. The Museum contains historical artefacts, royal treasures and other belongings of the famous emperor. There is also a dedicated gallery in the museum known as Meji Memorial Picture Gallery where special artwork collections of the renowned emperor are kept for public display. The shrine is categorised as a tourist attraction and is opened to the public and student who want to learn more about the respected Japanese emperor.

Tourist attractions abound in the city of Tokyo, and there are hundreds of places and things to do in the famed city, while we cannot discuss all, be sure to visit any of the discussed places as they are deemed the prime destination and attraction in Tokyo.

The Kabuki-za Theatre in the Ginza district, the renowned National Art Centre, and the Miraikan and Edo-Tokyo Museums cannot also be forgotten and are among the most beautiful attractions in the city.

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