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Melbourne is the second-most populous city in Australia with a population of 4.2 million. The city offers an amazing experience for tourist and is among the most visited cities in the world by tourists and travellers.

In fact, the number of tourists that visit Melbourne every year far outnumber the actual population of the city, making tourism one of the city’s main source of revenue.

Below are some of the things to do or see while in Melbourne.

Melbourne Zoo

The Melbourne Zoo, known officially as Melbourne Zoological Garden is the primary zoo in Melbourne and one of the oldest zoos on the planet. The facility was opened in 1862 as part of efforts to protect wildlife animals and boost tourism in the famous city. The zoo is located in the Royal Park in Parkville and houses animals like Elephants, gorillas, tigers, zebras and other endangered wildlife species. Melbourne Zoo currently houses more 5000 animals of about 300 different species and has a land size of 55 acres, making it one of the largest zoos in the world.

Queen Victoria Market

The Queen Victoria Market is the largest open-air market in Australia. Built in the 19th century around 1860, the market is also the oldest commercial area in Melbourne. As the busiest wholesale and retail market in Melbourne and in Australia as a whole, Queen Victoria Market has over the last few decades grown to become a major tourist hub in Melbourne, receiving millions of tourists annually.

This has led the state to classify the renowned market as one of the country’s heritage sites, given it a tourism status even though it is primarily a commercial centre. For a tourist visiting Melbourne, a tour of the Queen Victoria Market, the largest open-air market in the entire Southern Hemisphere occupying 17acres of land wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Federation Square

There has never been a more controversial project that has divided Melbournians that the construction of the Federation Square. With the already so many infrastructural projects in Melbourne, some thought the construction of the Federation Square as a monument to commemorate the 100years celebration of Australia as a federation was unnecessary while some also thought it was worth it.

Upon its completion in 2002, it generated another debate, with some loving the architectural design while some hated it.  Almost two decades now the line, the building has become one of the busiest event centres in Melbourne and hosts an average of two thousand events annually. The strange architectural design of the building even makes it more unique and amazing. Unlike most buildings, the Federation square has open and close spaces as its walls and does this routinely.

Royal Botanic Gardens

You cannot visit Melbourne and not make a trip to the Royal Botanic Gardens, described by many as the finest botanical garden and Greenland in the world. The garden was created in 1846 as part of measures to promote planting of trees and gardening among Melbournians as a means to a sustainable environment. The Melbourne Garden occupies 38 hectares of land which are completely filled with 8,500 species of plants and flowers, some of which are the rarest in the world. The garden is opened to the public and is one of the best places for tourists and nature lovers to visit.


Arts Centre Melbourne

The Arts Centre Melbourne is the largest arts centre in Australia. The facility is located in the Victoria suburb of Melbourne and lies close to the Southbank area of suburb. Construction of the centre began in 1973 and was successfully completed in 1984. Within the building are several theatres, halls and spaces for events. The State Theatre, Fairfax Theatre, Playhouse and Hammer Hall are a few of the performing theatres and event halls situated within the Art Centre making it one of the busiest event centres in Melbourne. The Southbank area, just outside the Art centre edifice, is also a major tourist attraction. The area is known to host several festivals every year, has some fine restaurants and cafes and is a very good area to experience the culture of Australia.

Yarra River Cruise

One of the best things to do in Melbourne is to visit the Yarra River and enjoy a wonderful riverboat cruise. The Yarra River is found along the Southbank and flows through Victoria area, making a boat ride on the river a wonderful experience as tourists get to see the amazing parts of the city while at the same time cruising on a luxury boat. There are many companies offering cruising services on the bank of the river and all tourists have to do is take a trip to the Southbank and enjoy this service.

City Circle Tram Tour

Of course, you cannot visit Melbourne without taking a tour of the city on the City Circle Tram. Trams form a big part of the public transportation system in most part of Australia. In Melbourne, these trams go beyond just offering people a mode of transportation but have become a major player in Melbourne’s tourism sector. The trams at the City Circle of Melbourne are used to take tourists on a tour of the city in a 50-minute tour. Places the tram passes by include Parliament House, Windsor Hotel, Old Treasury building and Princess Theatre, giving tourist the opportunity to see the biggest monumental attractions and buildings in Melbourne.

Eureka Tower

The Eureka Tower is the most iconic tower and modern architectural building in Australia. The tower stands at 91 stories above the ground in the Southbank area of Victoria. More majestically, the crown and windows of the tower are gold plated, giving the tower a glowing look that is fit for a king’s palace. The Skydeck which is located on the 88th floor is the highest point for public viewing in the whole of Australia and is frequented by tourists all year round.

Melbourne Museum

The Melbourne Museum is located in the centre of the city, surrounded by gardens and a natural Greenland park.  The museum contains historical collections that tell the history and story of Australia from its colonial days to the present.  The facility has been divided into sections to tell the different stories, and show the diverse culture of the country. Major highlights include the Phar Lap Exhibit section which tells the story of Australia’s most historic racehorse, the Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre and the Children’s Gallery. Directly opposite the museum is the famous Royal Exhibition Building which held the first Commonwealth Parliament of Australia in 1901.

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