Top things to do at the incredible V & A Waterfront in Cape Town, South Africa

You can’t list the most beautiful places in South Africa and leave out the incredible and amazing Victoria & Alfred (V&A) Waterfront in Cape Town, there is no worse crime against humanity than that literally.


The iconic V & A Waterfront situated just below the Signal Hill and surrounded by the waters of the Table Bay defines South Africa’s exquisite tourism sector and ranks among the best places to visit in the world, with the ability to go head to head with famed destinations like the Sentosa in Singapore.

On a normal day at the V & A Waterfront, thousands of people from all walks of life fill the venue to share memorable moments with families and enjoy some amazing dishes at the restaurants found at the venue. There are also a host of shopping centres and pubs at the venue for those who want to enjoy some memorable shopping experience or grab a drink with a stranger or a pal.

Two Oceans Aquarium

This is perhaps the most loved attraction at the V & A Waterfront, with more than half of visitors making their way to the Two Oceans Aquarium before leaving the venue. The attraction is sited under the waters which surrounds the V & A Waterfront and is home to aquatic animals. Built with the highest technological and architectural standard, the aquatic animals are carefully caged within a special zone made under the water to create some sort of underwater tourist attraction. Visitors visit this iocnic aquarium through a special tunnel which safely carries them from the surface to below the water where the animals. While in the tunnel, tourists watch these beautiful creatures swim and play in their enclosed cage.

Harbour Cruise

For the lovers of Luxury, there is always something for you at V & A waterfront and one of such treat is the Harbour Cruise offered by cruising companies at the venue. The companies offer visitors a wide range of cruising offers to choose from, depending on taste and how much one has to spend. For instance, the Peroni catamaran’s harbor cruise is touted to be the most expensive and comes with extra luxury such as expensive champagnes which other cruises do not offer. Whichever offer you settle on, the cruise will take you on an unforgettable safari around of the location and could go as far as close to Robben Island and the Blouberg Beach.


Cape Town Diamond Museums

Another historical attraction at the V & A Waterfront which is a favourite for most tourists and among the most visited attractions at the facility.  The Cape Town Diamond Museums keeps historical artefacts related to the mining of diamond South Africa. These artefacts range from the first set of mining gears that were used when diamonds were first discovered in South Africa in 1867. Aside that you will also learn into details the history of Diamond mining in South Africa, right from the 19th century when the precious mineral was discovered to the present day and how the mineral continues to change the fortunes and history of South Africa. For the curious mind, and those always looking forward to learn something new with regards to history, there is no better attraction at the V & A than the Cape Town Diamond Museum.


This is the art and cultural hub of V & A Waterfront, where beautiful works of South African art and crafts can be purchased, albeit at a very high cost.  With over 150 individual shopping spaces and centres available within the Watershed, one is sure to fins whatever art and craft piece of work he or she is looking for.  Visiting tourists who come from other countries usually patronize the Watershed to purchase some traditional South African artworks to take back home to their people. And oh, the Watershed is not all about purchasing artwork, there is also the live entertainment shows and exhibitions which take place at the watershed’s Jubilee Exhibition Hall and is open to all visiting tourists.

The Incredible Helicopter Tour

Okay, I know this may not exactly qualify as an attraction, but the incredible helicopter tour is one of the most memorable activities to engage in at the V & A Waterfront. Two helicopter ride service providers, the NAC Helicopters and Cape Town Helicopters offer visitors an opportunity to take a 15-minute flight tour of the city in helicopters and view the entire landscape of Cape Town and admire the beauty of the city. Tourists can also opt for the 50 minutes tour which goes as far as the Cape Peninsula and the Cape of Good Hope. Usually described by tourists as the best and most unforgettable experience at the V & A Waterfront, the helicopter ride is something you definitely wouldn’t want to miss out when you visit the venue.


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