Top things to do at Dodi World


Dodi Princess Island is one of the few places in Ghana every Ghanaian family must make a trip to at least once in this lifetime, to enjoy the amazing and breathtaking experience the Dodi Princess World has to offer.


Located in the Eastern region, Dodi Island is situated in the middle of the second-largest man-made lake, the Lake Volta, lying adjacent to the power-house of Ghana, the Akosombo Dam.

An estimated 1.3 million tourists visit the island every year by cruising on the iconic Dodi Princess II; a luxurious 172-passenger capacity cruise boat which carries tourists and families to the Island on daily basis.

Why visit Dodi Island

First and foremost not many Ghanaians get to travel in a luxurious cruise boat, feeling likes of Prince Harry for once in their lives and I am pretty sure you are part of this majority I may be speaking of. And not many tourist attractions in Ghana provide this opportunity aside the Dodi World. This is enough reason for you to make that trip to Dodi and for the first time in your life, cruise on a luxurious boat. Remember no one is ever going to make your dreams come true but yourself.

Things to do at Dodi World

People who have heard or read about trips to Dodi island frequently ask this question but don’t usually get the right answers because they may not know people who have visited the Island and also due to the scantiness of information on the internet. gives you a comprehensive list of activities that go on at the Island.


Island Adventure

You may not have been told this or ever heard it, but Dodi Island is a very strange and fascinating place to visit, especially for those who have lived the best part of their lives in cities like Accra and Kumasi. The few hundreds of inhabitants who still live on the island are very welcoming but come across as very unique people, with a set of culture and norms totally different from that of the mainland duelers. Mostly, traditionalists, tourists can find shrines and objects of worship in almost every part of the Island where the people duel, a phenomenon which does not exist on mainland Ghana. The people also live their lives the old ways, devoid of modern technology and equipment, with modern stuff like motors and vehicles non-existent on the Island.

Enjoy Music and Life Band Performances

Memorable activities to enjoy at Dodi World include the incredible live band music and performance which takes place on the cruise boat all the way to the Island. For lovers of music and even those indifferent, you are sure to enjoy the performance of the band as they thrill you with local indigenous music on the lake.


While you may be allowed to take a tour of the inner part of the Island, the real fun and activities are on the beach and this is where tourist activities take place, usually after returning from a tour of Island. There are dozens of watersport activities to engage in and tourists have a fill and exciting day partaking in these games, ranging from spearfishing to beach volley and beach soccer.

Kiddi Playground

At Dodi Princess island and tour, there is something for everyone, including children. So if you were ever wondering if you would have to take your kids along or not, you don’t have to worry as they are equally welcomed aboard with special and safe activities for them. A section known as Kiddi Playground has been created on the Island beach for kids to also have a good time partaking in safe sporting activities under the watchful eyes of tour guides who are well trained to keep your kids safe.


This is the main feature of tours to Dodi World. Visitors to the island cruise on the luxurious Dodi Princess II amidst onboard entertainment, food and drinks.

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