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It is a well-known fact that Africans are very religious and hold on to their religious beliefs with great pride and tenacity, remaining faithful to the beliefs even in the face of disappointments and mockery from those who do not associate themselves with these beliefs. Usually in these when there is disappointment and near loss of hope, Africans resort to prayers with the hope that God will answer their prayers and solve their problems for them. In Ghana, Christians, who form the dominant religious group usually visit what we call PRAYER CAMPS to pour out their frustration to the Lord and seek answers to their prayers. This religious practice has resulted in the springing up of hundreds of prayer camps around the country, all of which are owned by the various churches in the country. In this very interesting article by, we bring you the top prayer camps in Ghana.


MOGPA Prayer camp

There is no prayer camp in Ghana bigger than the MOGPA prayer camp and there has never been any prayer camp in the history of Ghana, bigger than the MOGPA prayer camp. YES, that is just how great and grand the MOGPA prayer camp is. This historic prayer camp is located in the Ashanti regional capital, Kumasi and headed by Rev. Osei Bonsu who also doubles as the founder of the camp. What is more impressive, MOGPA is one of the youngest prayer camps in Ghana and was founded only a couple of years ago, yet has ascended to the top as the most popular of all prayer camps in the country.

Hebron Prayer Camp

Hebron Prayer camp is undoubtedly the most visited prayer camp in the Eastern and Greater Accra region. The camp is located in Nsawam putting the camp right between the two regions and making it accessible to people from both sides. Historically it used to be recognized as one of the main prayer camps of the Pentecost Church of Ghana until the church later disassociated itself from the camp over alleged misunderstanding between the church and Elder Donor, a member of the church, who is credited as the founder of the camp. During special events and festive periods, the camp receives roughly 10,000 visitors from all over Ghana.


Abasua Prayer Camp

Abasua Prayer camp is located on the Atwea Mountain in the Sekyere Central District of the Ashanti region and is known to be the first prayer camp established on the mountain before other Christian bodies also established various prayer camps on the mountain. Historically, Atwea Mountain was just another normal mountain in Ghana with no religious connection until one Methodist pastor by name Abraham Osei-Assibey ascended the mountain to go and pray claiming he was directed by the Lord. After spending a few days upon the mountain praying to the Lord, he returned to the town and regularly took his fellowship to the mountain top to go and pray with him and in the process established the now popular Abasua Prayer camp on top of the mountain. Since then other Christian bodies have also established their prayer camps on the mountain and visit there periodically to hold prayer sessions which mostly involves fasting.


Bethel Prayer Camp

Bethel Prayer Camp is another very popular prayer camp located in the garden city of Ghana, Kumasi. This prayer camp is headed by a woman and well known within the Ashanti region for the miracles and wonders that takes place there.  In fact in term of size and visitor population, it is second only to the MOGPA Prayer Camp.

Achimota Forest

It is hard to tell whether it is illegal or they are given permission before making use of the forest as a prayer centre but whatever it is, one thing is for sure, the Achimota forest is currently one of the biggest prayer camps in Ghana. Lot of churches and even individuals in the national capital often make use of the quiet forest reserve by organizing prayer sessions there. This has been going on for some years now to the extent that people have come to accept the Forest Reserve as a major prayer camp in Ghana where all churches can occasionally organize their prayer camping events.

Macedonia Prayer Camp

Macedonia Prayer Camp is located in Accra in the Ga West Municipalities. The prayer camp holds normal church services every Sunday aside the usual prayer and fasting activities that you would expect that every prayer camp in Accra. Many past visitors have claimed they received healings, deliverances and had their prayers answered after visiting the camp.

Mount Horeb Prayer Camp

Mount Horeb prayer camp was established by the Mount Horeb Victorious Church which was founded and headed by Rev. Paul Okai. Mount Horeb is quite a unique prayer camp in that it is famed for receiving and curing people with mental illness as opposed to normal people visiting there for prayers even though that is also done at the camp. According to the leadership of the camp, (headed by Rev. Okai), the name of the Lord and His son Jesus Christ can overcome any challenges facing man including mental problems. The camp is located at Kutunse in the Greater Accra region.

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