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For most people living in Ghana, Akosombo is a must-visit town at least once in this lifetime. But where and where should you be looking to visit when you finally travel to Akosombo? That’s one question that lags on most people’s mind as they contemplate on the best places in Akosombo to visit. To make it easier, briefly discusses the top places to visit in Akosombo.

Adomi Bridge

The Adomi Bridge is one of the oldest yet most magnificent bridges in Ghana connecting the Eastern region to the Volta region of Ghana. While it is primarily a road facility, it has become one of the most visited places by tourist and is now regarded as a major tourism destination.

Aylos Bay

One of the most popular activities and things to do at Akosombo is to go fishing in one of the many rivers in the town. Among the most popular fishing point in the town is the Aylos Bay where visiting tourists can throw in a hook and line and see the fish they can capture. Tip; fishing at Aylos Bay is best done between the hours of 8am and 4pm as mosquitoes tend to flood the bay from 4pm  and the rest of the evening, making fishing after 4pm very uncomfortable and a health risk.

Royal Senchi Hotel

Akosombo is a town of luxury and there is no better place to experience this luxury than the famous Royal Senchi Hotel. The hotel located in the bend of the river and provides tourists with world-class luxury leaving tourists wishing to revisit for more. The restaurant has a lounge bar, a spa, weekend buffet, and a host of services which ensures visitors have the best time of their lives.


Sajuna Beach

Perhaps the most popular place in Akosombo, the Sajuna beach is a man-made beach that hosts a number of activities and receives millions of visitors throughout the year. Some of the most popular activities at the beach include beach volleyball, beach soccer, water splash and so on. And what makes the beach the ultimate destination is not just about the sports, but also the food. Sumptuous kebabs, pork, and various local dishes are sold at the beat to add extra spice to the whole beach show.

Visit the Kente and Traditional Market Centres

Like most traditional towns in Ghana, Akosombo has a traditional small market where indigenous fabrics, precisely the kente clothes are sold. Tourists, especially those coming from outside Ghana usually visit this centre to buy a few of these extraordinary materials and take back to wherever they came from.

Visit Dodi Island

Dodi Island is situated in the middle of the second-largest man-made lake, the Lake Volta, lying adjacent to the power-house of Ghana, the Akosombo Dam. An estimated 1.3 million tourists visit the island every year by cruising on the iconic Dodi Princess; a luxurious 172-passenger capacity cruise boat which carries tourists and families to the Island on daily basis. Not many Ghanaians get to travel in a cruise boat, feeling like Jack Sparrow of Pirates of the Caribbean and I am pretty sure you are part of this majority I may be speaking of. And not many.

Visit Akosombo Dam

You cannot visit Akosombo and not visit the historical and grand Akosombo Dam installation which is responsible for providing over half of the country with electricity on daily basis. If your main reason for visiting Akosombo is to take a tour of the Installation, then it is best to visit during the rainy season when rainfall is at its peak and the dam is overflowing. Tip; the facility is directly exposed to the sunlight and the environment is usually very scorching hot so it is best to go there wearing a cap

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