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This might not be the exhaustive list as there are several other “obscure” places in the “flower city” for one to take a drink and just cool off. Whether you are in Koforidua for a funeral and just want to catch up on some old friends, or you just are in town and want to have a place to sit for some “brainstorming” or you just want to observe nightlife in Kofcity. There certainly might be that need to look for a drinking bar in Koforidua someday.

In this piece, an attempt is made to list some of the top drinking bars in Koforidua. Again, this might not be the exhaustive list, however, you will find the best here.

Dadi’s Bar

Born out of the establishment of Bryt FM, Dadi’s Bar is one of the places that are almost always alive at night. What happens at Dadi’s bar will keep you active all night. There is a live band for your enjoyment, there are drinks in unlimited supply, there is food as you would want and there are lots of meats of all sorts.

Located at the Kenkey Factory off the Kassadjan bypass, the location is just excellent. The Koforidua Hotel is just on the other side of the road overlooking the bar if you require a place to lay your head; you wouldn’t have to look far. Owned by the Joy Dadi Industries, you can be sure that all their brand of drinkables will be in unlimited supply for consumption and take home.

Plus 2 (+2)

Plus 2 is one of the cutest places to hang around in Koforidua. With time, it has gained a reputation for being a place for the “high and mighty” who don’t want a crowd. If you love nightlife and yet want to avoid being in a crowded area, Plus 2 is the place for you. Located along the main Adweso Road, just opposite the entrance to Liberty Institute, you are sure to have a serene atmosphere Plus 2


With rumours of housing female sex workers, Democracy has a high value in terms of nightlife presence in Koforidua. With their famous fufu that is enjoyed by many, this is a place where you can have all kinds of soups anytime you need it. It is a drinking spot where you will find all that is needed to make an outing in the night excellent. Call it a 24hour drinking spot.

Hidden away from the city off the highway as though one is heading for Suhyen, this is the best place to be away from all eyes. Just visit their Facebook page and you will love what happened there. In terms of branding, Democracy Village will come tops, as a place that has been well marketed in Koforidua as a drinking and eating place of repute.

Total 2

Arguably the oldest of drinking spots in Koforidua, this is a place you can spend 24hours without noticing. Right opposite the Ghana Commercial Bank, you cannot run short of money with your ATM card in your pocket. Total 2 has had a reputation for being full of “flowers” all the time.


This is a place where there is an abundance of drinks, meats and everything one will need for nightlife. Total 2 is in the middle of Koforidua and at the very heard of the city. If you are in the city for the first time and wanting to experience the nightlife, or just want to have a drink with some friends, this place is highly recommended for all first-timers into the city for very good reasons. Your security is assured, there is easy access to transportation to your location and you can’t get lost. The supermarket nearby provides you with all that you will want to take home as well.


Call it the hidden place for real nightlife in Koforidua and you won’t be wrong. Opposite the Bedtime Hotel, Cassa Bar has been in the books of many people for all the good and the bad reasons, Cassa bar is that place where you can “hide” from the eyes of everyone in town and never be noticed. The modern wooden architecture of the premise appeals to the elite. No wonder it has been host to several “talk shows” and “meet-ups”.

Cassa is one of those places that never goes to sleep as such a place where “men” have chosen to be hanging out. Whenever you are in Koforidua and require a place with a modern atmosphere, you might want to consider Cassa, it has been rumoured as being a place where apart from the drinks, a lot of “starlets” can be found. This is indeed a side attraction for those interested in catching a glimpse of the real “flowers” of the city.


Call it the oldest of nightlife places in Koforidua, it has simply refused to die. Once the most entertaining spot in Koforidua, it no more has that clout as many modern places like the Appenteng Hall and other “halls” in the city have taken away their shine, however, the forecourt of the Legion Hall is still as buzzing and bubbling as ever, with the live band, sometimes you can certainly be sure a very busy nightlife at the space overlooking the SNNIT building.

Here is where all the “old flowers come home to roost” at night. Here is where all the oldies come to cool off after funerals. More need not to be said. In the heart of the city, this is arguably the most popular “Hall” in Koforidua. If there was a place in Koforidua where you want to take a drink and still feel you have not left the city centre, it is Legion Hall.

BAR 205

Call it the second coming of 205, the spot pronounced as “two-oh-five”

The place went down for years and just when many thought it had died, it bounced back looking plusher and now parallels any of those modern drinking spots in the national capital. With strict rules greeting you at the entrance, BAR 205 is in every way the most modern drinking bar in Kodoridua. Located at 205, a name as old as that of the city, you can’t get lost. It is right by the busiest street in Koforidua. The main Adweso to the Central Business District Road.

If you are however looking for a drinking bar where you can be “hidden” this is not the place for you. At night, it has proven to be one of the most beautiful to grace the city.

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