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The city of Koforidua is one of the cities in Ghana that has gained a reputation for being a calm city. The city has changed in terms of facilities and infrastructure within the last two decades that if one left the city and returned, he or she would feel very confused.


Years ago, the transportation system within the city was homogenous, in that one would only find taxis as a form of transportation within the city. Years on, this has changed. The city now boasts of minibuses for trotro, taxis and tricycles.

This piece takes you on a little tour of the transportation system in Koforidua.


There are several lorry stations where one can board a bus, minibus or taxi to places outside Koforidua. To Accra, one has many lorry stations to choose from. These include the Metro Mass Buses and minibuses from the different kinds of stations like PROTOA, GPRTU, and COOPERATIVE UNIONS.

This is no different for cities like Kumasi, Nkawkaw, Cape Coast and Takoradi.

A major change in this area is that the Peagout station is no more. This used to be the fastest transportation mode to Accra. Mainly of Peagout 504 vehicles, it used to be at the current Cape Coast/Takoradi Station.

Another change is that the STC intercity minibuses that used to ply Accra – Koforidua have stopped their services.



The city is host to two municipalities, New Juaben South and New Juaben North. Before the division in 2018, it used to be only New Juaben South with about 8 main suburbs and other newly emerging communities. Currently, the city can boast of over 25 suburbs with new ones emerging around it.

There are taxis to every suburb. The interesting about transportation in Koforidua is that, every community and their noted attitude towards transportation. These are all issues to consider before deciding where to stay. For example, residents in the Old Estates/SSNIT Flats/Kenkey Factory are known for having a knack for only new and beautiful taxis. The taxis that ply this part of the city also close early, as such if you live in this part of Koforidua, and you are late in town, you should get ready to go home via a chartered taxi.


Taxis in Koforidua ply every suburb but with different attitudes depending on which suburb, the perceived class of people in that community and the quality of roads to the place. For example in a place like Abugri, the moment the raining season begins, you should get ready not to keep too long in town because cars taxis would complain of the deplorable nature of the road and would close early, even on a charter basis, many taxis would turn down an offer to ply Abugri.

Places like Adweso would have taxis plying the community any day, time and season because the road is a straight one and in good quality.

The community with a worse rate of ply is Nyamekrom/Densuano. This community has a worse transportation quality in the city. Taxis that ply Nyamekrom/Densuano would load two people in front and four passengers at the back, especially from 5:00 PM onwards. Their reasons are that the road isn’t in good condition.

With emerging communities like Morovia, Apenkwa, Rasta Down, Asokore Kuma and more, one can expect that with good roads been constructed taxis would ply everywhere around the city.


Trotros got introduced into the Koforidua Intercity Transport system not up a decade ago. These trotros would not ply every community. For example, Trotros would not ply Old Estates/SSNIT Flats because the residents there would not board trotros.

Even though their introduction has helped, not all communities have “trotros” going there, if you live in Koforidua or are planning to relocate to the Eastern Regional city or are already in the city and looking for a place to relocate to, beware that trotros don’t ply all communities in the city, you might want to make your choice carefully if you want to be boarding trotros. Even though they are cheaper, you will find them in communities like Adweso – Mile 50 – Okorase, Trom, Two streams, Aktekyem, Abugri, and Osabene. It is expected that as the city expands, these trotros would ply more communities.


Tricycles got introduced into Koforidua in the year 2019. They were mostly found in the Zongo communities and were plying the city township to Zongo, pipeline and their environs. With time they started penetrating all other communities. Apart from the forecourt of the “second-hand clothes market” near the city campus of All Nations University, these tricycles don’t have any other station. They, however, go anywhere in the city and their charges are far cheaper compared to taxis.

Since they ply everywhere, they have become the cheapest source of transportation in the Eastern Regional Capital city.

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