The Mystic Stone: The stone that refuses to be removed

The Mystic Stone is located in Laribanga, near the township of Damongo in the West Gonja district and lies about 6km from the famous Mole National Park and about 21km from Damongo.


The stone first gained recognition in the 1950s when the British colonial administration embarked on a road project in the Damongo area where the stone was found. As part of activities to make way for the road project, a path on which the stone lied was cleared to make way for the work.

According to history, the contractors returned the following day only to realize the stone had mysteriously returned to its exact position from where it was cleared from.


The contractors again cleared the stone from the path way, but returned the following day to once again realise the stone had returned to the spot where it had been moved from the second time.

The authorities decided to let the stone remain there and find another path to create the road and since then, the Stone has been in the exact same spot without moving. This strange story behind the stone resulted in the indigenes naming the stone as the Mystic Stone, believing it possessed divine powers.

Today, the stone is seen as more than a mere stone, with nearby town people using it as a worshiping spot where they go and pray to their ancestors for favour among other things.

The spot has also become an important tourist attraction site in the northern region and attracts thousands of visitors each year, usually from other parts of the country.

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Akesse Sanza

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