The Japan Food Town in Singapore

Singapore is a land of many wonderful sights to behold, attractions to visit and amazing food to savor. Many a people travel miles from their homeland to Singapore just to have a taste of the incredible foods the Island provides, from seafood to vegetable goods. Just name it and Singapore it ever ready to serve you with it.


What is more incredible and unique, the small Island does not only offer its traditional food to tourists and travelers, the Singapore city is full of restaurants that offers some amazing continental foods of some Asian countries. For instance indigenous Thai and Malaysian foods like the Pho soup can be found in several special restaurants across Singapore.

Most famous of all these restaurants and food centres is the iconic and popular Japan Food Town, located on the 4th level of Isetan Singapore, right next to the Ngee Ann City.

Japanese husband and wife eating

Japanese husband and wife eating

Covering a 20,075 square feet, Japan Food Town has a wide range of Japanese restaurants offering various indigenous and traditional Japanese foods and cuisines to visitors and tourists at incredibly cheap rates.

The centre boasts of sixteen dining restaurants, all of which offer amazing service and are tasked to maintain a certain level of standard, professionalism and consistency, meaning diners can expect high quality and tasty meals as well as professional customer care.

While the all sixteen restaurants are Japanese specialized restaurants, nationals of other nations regularly visit the centre to enjoy some indigenous Japanese foods.


The centre has also become some sort of tourist attraction over the years, receiving millions of visitors annually, some of who come there not for the purpose of dining but sightseeing.

Machida Shoten

Perhaps the most popular of the restaurant in Japan Food Town, the Machida Shoten specializes in the preparation of noodles in the traditional Japanese town. The noodles come in tonkotsu and shoyu stock, complemented with spicy miso.

Yomoda Soba

Yomoda Soba restaurant prepares the famed Japanese meal, Kake Soba, Katsu Soba and Hote Prok Nanben. These meals are eaten with the dashi soup, one of Japan’s favourite soups. Machida Soba is more frequented by Japanese living or visiting Singapore.

Fried tempura shrimps with sauces

Fried tempura shrimps with sauces


This is arguably the most unique and standout restaurant in the Japan Food Town. The number 38 is uniquely incorporated in every aspect of the restaurant. For instance there are 38 dining seats at the restaurant, a 38cm long toro-saba and a lunchtime which is scheduled between 11:38 and 2;38pm.

Inaniwa Yokuke

The Inaniwa Yokuke restaurant specializes in the tasty Inaniwa Udon meal and is served both hot and chilled, depending on the preference of the customer. The restaurant also serves the popular Tempura and Ajikurabe meals.

The other restaurants include the Osaka Kitchen, Rang Mang Shokudo, Tsukji Sushi Takewaka, Tempura Tsukiji Tenka, Taki Kyoto Grill & Sake, Nabe Seizan and Hokkaido Izakaya.

Japan Food Restaurant isn’t just a place to go and enjoy some indigenous Japanese meals, it’s also a place to go and interact with some Japanese nationals, and get to learn more about their culture, tradition and history.

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