The Breathtaking nature of the Boti Falls


Boti Falls is located in Manya Krobo in the Eastern Region of Ghana, a two and half hour drive from the nation’s capital Accra. The Boti Falls is arguably the most famous waterfall in Ghana and hugely recommended to most tourists due to its amazing and magnificence look.

History behind the falls indicates the land on which it is located was initially owned by the Akyems but later sold out to the Krobos which eventually brought about a huge dispute upon realizing the significance of the waterfall.

The Boti Falls possesses great features which makes it unique from any other waterfalls in Ghana. At Boti Falls, there is what is called the Upper Fall and Lower Fall, which is usually described by the locals as the male and female or wife and husband. These two meet during the rainy season making the volume of water very high. The meeting of these two is what is described as the mating ceremony.

As a form of exercise, visitors or tourists will have to do 70 steps to get to the ‘mating’ ceremony. After this unanticipated exercise, they get the opportunity to take a cool bath from the plunge pool formed at the base of the falls.

At the Boti Falls, there is the umbrella rock and the three–head palm tree. These two attract every visitor to the falls because of their inviting nature and look. With just a 30-45minutes walk from the fall, one will get to the umbrella rock. Tour guides also provide the necessary assistance to those interested in seeing the forest reserve around the waterfalls.


Umbrella Rock PHOTO: Travel With April

Umbrella Rock PHOTO: Travel With April

There are 250 stairs to the falls, but you won’t notice because of the jungle scenery and beckoning noise of the falls as you approach.

This trip requires wellness and fitness as it includes climbing and descending off rocky hills. In a nutshell, it’s an amazing experience everyone who visits the West African hemisphere should have.

Just like the Aburi Botanical gardens, the Boti Falls have been increasingly set aside by the ordinary Ghanaian as a perfect place for picnics. The wooden at the fall serves as seats for visitors who might want to relax and admire nature.

Local food vendors are always available to provide foods at a reasonable cost to any person who fails to take food along to the Falls, therefore to spend and enjoy a good holiday or leisure time, the Boti Falls could be a better place for you.

The waterfall is best visited during the raining seasons of Ghana.

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