Ten (10) Consideration For Travelers In Buying Air Tickets


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4. Know about your trip and choose the right fare

Do you have to travel on a particular date and Are you certain of your return date? Are you likely to change or cancel your trip? Considering these questions will assist you in making the right choice. Some ticket conditions do not allow changes or cancellation to be made once it is purchased. So if your travel date is likely to change, purchase a ticket that allows changes (usually at a fee). Some tickets are valid for a duration of one year, or even if there’s a “NO SHOW” at the airport. If your trip requires you to be at a destination on or before a particular date, choose to travel earlier as the airlines may choose to cancel flights at any time with no liability on them. Weather conditions and other factors may also cause flights to be cancelled or delayed. So it’s always advisable to travel earlier when you have to attend an appointment or catch another flight at your destination which is on a separate ticket.


Airlines do not offer compensations for flight cancellations or delays. They only re-book passengers for free and provide you with accommodation and meals if you are going to stay longer before traveling, KLM offers a $50 discount on your next purchase with them.

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