Sex, other four surprising facts about Movie Houses in Ghana


Movie houses all over the world are places where people go to watch the latest and most talked about movies in private rooms. The situation is not any much different in Ghana as movie houses in the country are no longer set up with the primary purpose of providing people with the latest movies.

Wondering? Well, let not bore you with suspense and move on to talk about some of the surprising facts about movie houses in Ghana.


You may be shocked to read this but Ghana movie houses are synonymous to brothels as they are literally meant for sex instead of watching movies. If you’ve ever visited a movie house with a genuine intent, then others who saw you assumed you went in for sex. Movie Houses are relatively cheaper and people who can’t afford a hotel room consider them for their sexual bouts.

No latest movies available

While movie houses are supposed to show the latest movies making headlines across the globe and in the country, that is not the case for most movie houses in Ghana as they usually don’t have access to these current movies so end up showing what is termed as ‘DEAD MOVIES’. So don’t go to a movie house in Ghana expecting to watch the very latest movies trending across the globe, you may be disappointed. You may only be pleased if you went to watch adult movies.

Places to get infections quickly

You may leave a movie house in Ghana with an infection without being aware, scary right? This is due to the many unhealthy and dangerous practices that take place in these houses which sometimes lead to the spread of infections.

Bad Smell due to the many sexual activities

Most movie houses in Ghana actually smell bad due to the many sexual activities that go on inside the rooms. It is common to visit the washrooms and see condoms littered around. These things tend to leave a very bad odour in the rooms.

Hubs for prostitutions

Most movie houses in Ghana are just described as such to cover up what actually the houses meant for, which is large scale prostitution business. You would be surprised to find a building labelled as movie house in Accra only for you to enter and realise it is actually a brothel where prostitutes ply their trade, so be careful when entering any house described as a movie house, you may just be entering a brothel.

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