Passports for sale: 12 countries that are selling their citizenship



Second Passports: Countries offering Economic Citizenships

A growing number of countries have adopted the strategy of selling their citizenship to people who can make significant financial contributions to their economy. Because passports of these countries rank well in the Henly Passports Index and offer visa-free travels to many countries, many who can afford are going for the second passports.

Others who can afford and want to move freely without having to obtain visas are forced to make investments in one of these countries just for a second passport.

While some of these countries require that interested persons donate to the country, others require applicants to invest certain amount of money into specific businesses or other sectors of the economy permitted by the program. presents a list of countries that offer citizenship to investors or donors. The list below is in order according to how the passports of the countries rank in the Henly Passport Index.


Global Passport Rank: 5th

You can obtain an Austrian passport if you invest 10 million euros in real estate or make a 3 million euros donation to a charity.

Too much money, right? The Austrian passport is ranked 5th and travels to almost everywhere hasslefree.


Global Passport Rank: 7th

Investors who can make a $1 million donation to the government are granted Maltese citizenship. Maltese passport is powerful and travel to the United States visa-free.


Global Passport Rank: 14th

Investors who can afford $2.375 million are granted Cyprus citizenship under two months.

St. Kitts and Nevis

Global Passport Rank: 24th

The two-island country is the first to offer citizenship by investment. Interested persons either donate $150,000 to a government development fund or invest in one of their approved real estate developments.

Antigua and Barbuda

Global Passport Rank: 28th


This country has a relatively cheaper citizenship programme. Applicants can either donate $100,000 to the National Development Fund, invest $1.5 million in establishing business, or contribute $400,000 to a government-approved real estate project.

St. Lucia

Global Passport Rank: 31st

St. Lucia offers one of the cheapest citizenship programmes. Applicants can either donate $100,000 or invest $300,000 in real estate.


Global Passport Rank: 32nd

Grenada grants citizenship to persons who invest at least $350,000 in real estate and maintain the investment for at least four years. One can also get citizenship by donating $200,000 to the Grenada National Transformation Fund.


Global Passport Rank: 35th

If you are willing to make a donation of $100,000 to the government’s investor visa program or invest in real estate with at least $200,000, then you are sure of getting a Dominican passport.


Global Passport Rank: 40th

With a donation of $160,000 to the local government fund, one would be granted citizenship of Vanuatu.


Global Passport Rank: 46th

Montenegro is a Balkan country in Southeastern Europe. Real estate investment of $450,000 or a donation of €100,000 to the government fund plus €250,000 in a real estate investment is required for a passport of Montenegro.


Global Passport Rank: 52nd

Turkey requires that applicants first obtain a resident permit before applying for citizenship. Applicants will have to acquire a property valued at $1 million or keep $3 million in a Turkish bank account for three years to qualify for citizenship.


Global Passport Rank: 72nd

Kenya is the latest country to offer citizenship programme. Much information is not available, but local media outlets report that the government has introduced the plan as product to foreign nationals to complement regular tax base of the country. They are tailored to finance specific developmental issues like research, job creation, and housing shortages.

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