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Salaried employee? These are the relevant documents needed to support your visa application


Akesse Sanza in Maldives

Akesse Sanza in Maldives recently published about the documents self-employed people need to support their visa application. Today, let us look at what documents salaried employees also need.

If you are paid a fixed amount of money or compensation, usually monthly, by an employer, you are a salaried employee.

When making visa applications, salaried employees are to show their employment status, salary and evidence of receipt of salaries. Unlike self-employed persons, salaried workers are not to include business registration documents of their employer, unless the trip is in the interest of the company. If the trip is in the interest of the company, then the company will have to include their bank statement as well.

Documents needed by salaried employees

Appointment Letter

Also known as Employment Letter, it contains whatever contract the employer has with the employee. This tells the visa officer if you have a permanent job or you are on a contract.

Introductory Letter

Letter of Introduction reaffirms your employment and assures the visa officer that your job will be waiting for you after your trip.


This contains details of how your employer arrived at your net salary.


Bank Statement

Bank Statements of salaried employees show receipt of their salaries and their financial strength at the time of making the application.

Problems faced by Salaried employees

No Payslips

In Ghana and some under-developed countries, employers do not provide payslips to employees. These employers do so because they don’t pay taxes on employees’ salaries, don’t pay their pension contributions and others. It, however, becomes a problem when employees need payslips to support their visa application. If you find yourself in this situation, contact your employer to discuss your needs and request to be provided with payslips for your paid salaries.

Salary on the table

It is very difficult to convince visa officers that you are a salaried employee if you are paid on the table. The easy way to prove that you are a salaried employee is by having your salaries paid directly into your bank account. Even if you are not provided with payslips, the descriptions on your bank statements are enough to convince the visa officer. If you have travel plans, tell your employer to send your salaries to your bank account.

‘Strange’ Deposits

Salaried employees who do not have other sources of income find themselves in trouble if they have many other deposits in their accounts other than their salaries. It’s not much of a problem if they are few, but having many of such deposits raise concerns that you are either hiding your sources of income or you are not a salaried worker as you claim.

If you have other sources of income, state in your application and provide documents to support them.

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