This is how leaked nude videos may affect your travel


I wrote this article after a video of a Ghanaian “celebrity” Rashida Black Beauty leaked on social media.

One might have already questioned what Rashida’s nude video has to do with our travels within or outside the country.

As the UN frowns at Child Pornography, so are its member states. So many people have received various punishments as result of promoting Child Pornography by engaging in an act that seems to encourage it.


How then can this affect our travels?

  1. Sharing the video on social media could lead to the refusal of visa applications. Social media has been accepted as part of our real life despite the fake lifestyles portrayed by many. You would be amazed to know that most of the embassies consult your social media profiles before arriving at their decision.
  2. You would be denied entry into a country when found to be in possession of such videos. Though you may argue that Rashida isn’t a child, she won’t be there to tell immigration officers her age. Many people have been denied entry into the US, UK and Canada for the possession of Child Pornography. Sadly, some of these people received the videos on Whatsapp groups without even watching them.
  3. In the Arab world where pornography is a serious issue, you may face severe punishment including a long jail term, if not death.
  4. Once caught, it remains on your records for life. People who have been busted for promoting Child Pornography in one way or the other, are not finding jobs. In the US, it affects your immigration status; including filing for your family to join you if you are an immigrant.

How do we stay safe then?

  1.  Do not express interest in Child Pornography in anyway.
  2.  Leave Whatsapp groups that members are likely to send such videos into. Sometimes you don’t get time to go through all the offline messages which may include such videos.
  3.  You are responsible for whatever you share on social media. Make sure your views or whatever you share do not seek to promote Child Pornography.
  4. Before you travel, always check on your phones and laptops if you have mistakenly downloaded such videos

It is very difficult to defend yourself when caught to be promoting Child Pornography, so please stay safe from troubles.

Featured Image: Law and Visas

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