PARIS: My Eiffel Tower Experience

Coming to France and not visiting Paris, the City of Lights is just like wasting your trip. Moreover, what could be a more iconic picture of France with a view of the beautiful Eiffel Tower that stands tall above one of the most romantic cities in the world?


Thousands of people have spent their childhood wondering what it is about the Eiffel Tower that makes it so special among everyone. Well, it is because of this that I started my journey to finally find out what the hype was all about.

Trying to touch the tip from afar

Trying to touch the tip from afar

So I landed in Paris in the late hours and the first thing I knew was that I had to see the oh-so-beautiful Eiffel Tower. I had been told by a lot of friends and colleagues who have already visited the Eiffel Tower and some say it looks beautiful in the day light while the others say nothing beats the look during the night lights. So I was like oh what the hell, how about we just check it out at both times, who knows when we get a chance again.


Since it was pretty late when I landed here, I reached my hotel and decided to rest for a few hours and wake up early not to miss the sight of the morning look of Eiffel Tower. I got there before it opens (around 9.00 am) and got in line. The fresh morning breezes and slightly fewer people gave me a chance to see the tower closely and as long as I wanted to. You can take the lift or the stairs whatever you want. I chose the lift as it was amusing to see the views from there. Reaching at the top will allow you to see all over the city which itself was a great experience for me.

Night shot at the Eiffel Tower, Paris - France

Night shot at the Eiffel Tower, Paris – France

Then again I chose to visit the Eiffel Tower during the night time on the last day of my trip. No wonder why people call it a symbol of romance. I went when the sun was about to set to witness the magical feel of the tower when the lights came on. One should definitely go in the night when it’s all sparkly.

I think I can finally sum it up that the view FROM the Eiffel Tower during the day is something you don’t want to miss but the view OF the Eiffel Tower is the best at night only. So it’s for you to decide as to what you are looking for.

When my holiday in Paris was over, I left France ‘without’ a passport.

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