Okanta Prayer Camp: All what you need to know about the Pentecostal Prayer Camp

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Religion in Ghana encompasses a wide variety of beliefs with Christianity taking a firm lead as statistics show that over 70 percent of the Ghanaian population are Christians. The heightening of Christianity has since expanded from traditional Catholicism to a new wave of Protestant Reformation which has seen the birth of thousands and millions of Charismatic churches in Ghana.

One of the avenues most churches focus to expand and see the proper growth of their church is through the establishment of prayer camps. Indeed!! There are quite a number of them in the country such as Edumfa Prayer and Abasua Prayer Camp. Okanta Prayer camp is no exception. This is where Christians converge to seek the presence of God to listen to their prayers, and solve their problems in times of loss of hope, severe mental or physical pain, or better still suffering.

Okanta Prayer Camp is arguably one of the best within the country for Christian folks. Let’s delve into how Okanta Prayer camp came into existence and what they stand for.

Okanta prayer camp is undoubtedly one of the most visited prayer camps in the country founded by Prophet Mintah of the Church of Pentecost. The prayer camp is reported to host up to 10,000 congregants on a monthly and annual basis. It is a faith-healing centre that is highly patronized by some famed people in the country including Reverend Ministers, Pastors, Prophets, Business Executives, Chief Executive Officers, Renowned Musicians, Traders, Students, the Sick and those under any form of spiritual bondage.


The camp believes prayer is the most important tool for a Christian. They believe in the doctrines, principles and guidelines of the Church of Pentecost. The Church of Pentecost is one of the leading Pentecostal movements in Ghana. It was established after Pastor James McKeown parted ways with the Apostolic Church in 1939, then Gold Coast.

The camp gets its numbers or people through radio advertisements and social media. Okanta Prayer camp has been in existence for quite a number of years. They hold normal Sunday and evening service as the Church of Pentecost usual local assemblies do. Due to the search for God’s intervention in their lives and other problems, they engage in intense fasting and prayers. According to the leadership of the camp, the name of God is above all problems and can overcome any challenges facing humanity which encompasses mental and spiritual problems

So far Okanta Prayer camp is one of the camps that have received a massive endorsement from the church of Pentecost. It is a place to visit whether you are a member of the church or of another denomination seeking for a place to isolate for spiritual directions for a decision to be made in your life or just looking for revival.

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