Nogokpo: The sacred town feared by all and sundry


Is there any name in Ghana more feared and dreaded like Nogokpo? Probably not. But what is Nogokpo and why does the mere mention of the name send shivers down the spine of many people? 

Nogokpo, to many Ghanaians is the name of a famous deity somewhere in the Volta region of Ghana. But is that all there is to the name Nogokpo?

Nogokpo is the name of a small town in the Ketu South Municipal of the Volta region, just along the Trans-West African Coastal Highway. The small village is one of the most mentioned villages in Ghana because of the presence of a famous shrine located in the village.

According to legend and historians of the towns, the shrine was brought to the village after a heated misunderstanding between the townsfolk and their then chief, Torgbui, in the early 1900s. Since then the shrine has become their spiritual protector offering them protection against evil spirit as well as resolving differences and offering justice to the aggrieved and cheated.


Nogokpo Shrine

Nogokpo Shrine

Incidents of crime such as stealing is almost not existence in the small town due to the fear of being punished severely  by the gods of the shrine, especially in cases where the victim consults the shrine and demands for the thieve or perpetrator to be punished severely.

While the town may not be a huge tourism destination due to the fear it strikes in people, there are a few brave ones who occasionally make the trip to Nogokpo to have a closer look at the shrine that imparts fear into all and sundry, whether old or young, rich or poor.

The very few who have visited the town to go and have a look at the famous shrine have spoken highly of the town people and how friendly and welcoming they are. This may be the time to finally kill your curiosity and go have a look at the shrine that gets men to shiver at the mere mention of its name.

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