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The night is meant for sleep. However with the evolution of urban life, the night is no more served for sleep, industrialization has made it possible for others to work at night. Health care service has also made it possible for others to work at night as well.

For entertainment lovers, the night is a time for “serious fun”. Some have opined that the nightlife of a city is the real test of its urbanization status. Whenever you visit the city of Koforidua and are a lover of nightlife, where would you want to spend the time? The night time is not the best time to go searching for where you will like, this piece aims at saving you time so you can know where to go for some nocturnal pleasure straight away. It is also to give you a glimpse of what to expert in Koforidua at night.

The nightlife of Koforidua can be described as calm, scattered and segregated. This is because even though there are placed in the city that never goes to sleep, the city itself is one that sleeps on time. By 9:00 PM, you will find the city calming down. Anyone looking for active nightlife experience must get to where nightlife occurs to experience it.

This is what happens on any day but very different during festivities. Certain days come with exceptions. The most popular being December 24. Anyone who wants to find the city of Koforidua wide awake all night long should visit the city on December 24. What happens is unlike any other city. All roads leading to the central business districts are blocked, spinners, live band and music video spinning and all sorts of musical events happen. Sponsored by the Y&K distributor of Uniliver products, this is one night within the year that keeps the entire city awake.

Aside from this, there are specific places that keep Koforidua awake all night, here are a few

Mr T

Mr T is a restaurant and drinking spot at the famous Jackson’s Park. This is a place which hardly goes to sleep, with people at the forecourt overlooking the park at anytime T, the vicinity is almost at work all the time. The calmness that greets you as you approach Mr T is so welcoming if you are looking for a place that is wide awake all night and yet very calm in Koforidua, this is it. It is not noisy neither does it have the character of aggressive nightlife.

Commercial Bank street

This street begins from the Gabson Pharmacy-Mobile 2 Junction to the All Nations Univerity City Campus. This is one of the busiest streets in the central business district, and it never goes to sleep. There are certain shops that only open at night on this street, there are certain products that can also only be gotten on this street at night. The caution is that this street is very awake but not a very secured one as it has been known for certain incidents.


The exact origin of this name is unknown, perhaps because a lot of old bottles are sold at this site. The Pentua-wala is a spot opposite the Metro Mass Transport station. It has been known to be the most dangerous street in the city for years. Well, if you want to find the place where those who believe they are young and bold gather at night, this is the spot.

Dadi’s Bar

Birthed out of the establishment of Bryt FM, Dadi’s Bar is one of the places that are almost always alive at night. What happens at Dadi’s bar will keep you active all night. There is a live band for your enjoyment, there are drinks in unlimited supply, there is food as you would want and there are lots of meat.

Located at the Kenkey Factory off the Kassadjan bypass, the location is just excellent. The Koforidua Hotel is just on the other side of the road overlooking the bar, if you require a place to lay your head, you wouldn’t have to look far.


The Joy Dadi ladies who are mostly dressed in branded T-Shirts are easily available to make your night a memorable one with their services of everything “Joy”

Plus 2

Plus 2 is one of the cutest places to hang around in Koforidua. With time, it has gained a reputation for being a place for the “high and mighty” who do not want a crowd. If you love nightlife and yet want to avoid being in a crowded area, Plus 2 is the place for you.

Democracy Village

With rumours of housing female sex workers, Democracy has a high value in terms of nightlife presence in Koforidua. With their famous fufu that is enjoyed by many, this is a place where you can have all kinds of soups anytime you need it. With their frequent live band, democracy is a place to try out a nightlife.

Total 2

Arguably the oldest of nightlife spots in Koforidua, this is a place you can spend 24hours without noticing. Right opposite the Ghana Commercial Bank, you cannot run short of money with your ATM card in your pocket. Total 2 has had a reputation for being full of “flowers” all the time.

This is a place where there is an abundance of drinks, meats and everything one will need for nightlife. Total 2 is in the middle of Koforidua and at the very heard of the city. If you are in the city for the first time and wanting to experience the nightlife, this place is highly recommended for all first-timers for very good reasons. Your security is assured, there is easy access to transportation to your location and you can’t get lost.

Cassa bar

Call it the hidden place for real nightlife in Koforidua and you won’t be wrong. Opposite the Bedtime Hotel, Cassa Bar has been in the books of many people for all the good and the bad reasons, Cassa bar is that place where you can “hide” from the eyes of everyone in town and never be noticed. The modern wooden architecture of the premise appeals to the elite. No wonder it has been host to many “talk shows” and “meet-ups”.

Cassa is one of those places that never goes to sleep as such a place where “men” have chosen to be hanging out, whenever you are in Koforidua and require a place with a modern atmosphere, you might want to consider Cassa. Nightlife at Cassa is exceptional, you will easily notice the active nightlife as it greets you with little groups of people chit-chatting at the entrance as though the day was just beginning.

Legion Hall

Call it the oldest of nightlife places in Koforidua, it has simply refused to die. Once the most entertaining spot in Koforidua, it no more has that clout as many modern places like the Appenteng Hall and other “halls” in the city have taken away their shine, however, the forecourt of the Legion Hall is still as buzzing and bubbling as ever, with the live band sometimes you can certainly be sure a very busy nightlife at the space overlooking the SNNIT building. Here is where all the “flowers come home to roost” at night. Here is where all the oldies come to cool off after funerals. More need to be said. Indeed, nightlife in Koforidua won’t ever go away so long as Legion Hall continues to exist.

BAR 205

Call it the second coming of 205, the spot pronounced as “two-ohh-five”. This later-day spot will keep you awake all night till daybreak, located along the main Adweson street, this is a place where you will easily be noticed because of its newness, a lot of people visit here just to find out for themselves of their services. If you are the type who does not want to be noticed, this is not the best of places to be.

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