Mount Afadjato: Origin of name, activities and nearby attractions



Mount Afadja is located in the small village of Liati Wote in the Hohoe district of the Volta region. Arguably the most talked-about mountain in Ghana, Mount Afadja, is the tallest mountain and highest point in Ghana measuring approximately 2,904 ft above sea level. At the top of the mountain, one can see some parts of neighbouring Togo as the mountain is close to the Ghana-Togo border.

While it is officially known as Mount Afadja, the Ewe people who dominate the region largely refer to it as Afadjato with the suffix ‘to’ meaning ‘mountain’ hence Afadjato simply means Afadja Mountain.

Origin of the name

According to the oral history of the Liati Wote people who live just some few kilometres beneath the mountain, the name came about when they first settled in the area and realized that the mountain was shaped like a mound for planting water yam. The people then resorted to calling the mountain Avadze, an ewe name for water yam. With time as the mountain gained fame and word about it travelled the name metamorphosed into Avadza-to.


Tourism Potential

Statistically, Mount Afadja is one of the most visited tourist sites in the country and receives an average of more than a million tourists annually, with some of the tourists coming from as far as Europe and the Americas. It has become a favourite for hikers and is seen as some sort of sport where getting to the summit of the mountain is the ultimate prize for visiting tourists and hikers.

Other Attractions

Mount Afadja is not the only attraction in the small village of Liati Wote, the town is also blessed with two waterfalls; the Tagbo Falls and Wli Waterfalls with the latter being the highest waterfall in West Africa and located just some few metres Mount Afadja.

Local Reception

One can expect to be treated very well by the locals as they are very welcoming and hospitable, ever ready to help tourists who may need any form of assistance that is within their capacity.



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