Meet the Ghanaian blogger who makes about $120,000 per month

Akesse Moise Sanza said he is excelling because he “always see difficulties as a new subject under the blogosphere to research on.”

What is popularity without much to show for it? Depending on how creatively one plays his or her cards, they could be making endless money regardless of their little or no fame.

Blogging which is part of the journalism industry hardly looks attractive to many journalists, and even those who ventured into it have not been creative about it enough. This probably is the reason only few names ring a bell when it comes to blogging.

However, there are some bloggers who despite the less popularity, are making huge monies on the blindside of many.

One of the underground bloggers making jaw dropping amounts of money monthly has been uncovered.

It has come to light that Akesse Moise Sanza who is mainly into travel blogging is earning a whopping $120,000.


How is he able to make it? “ Akesse Moise Sanza disclosed that “I do Travel Blogging and any other niche that I find it paying at a point in time. For the past four years, I have done travel, entertainment, satire, general news, and US-targeted News blogs.

“I always see difficulties as a new subject under the blogosphere to research on. I have been reading on how to fight the monopoly enjoyed by Facebook and the heartbreaks accompanied by the use of adsense.”

He added that “The blogging revenue generation has been up and down. Before recently, I was earning $10k to $30k monthly. There was a month I jumped as high as $63k. For the past few weeks, I have maintained an average of $30k weekly.

I opted for weekly payouts due to the questions I may have to answer to receive such huge amount at a go. The company strictly pays out monthly but considered my concerns. “

The blogger further revealed that he works with only three people and pays them based on the volume of work done by the end of the month.

Source: Business Insider by Pulse


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Akesse Sanza

Akesse Sanza is a Ghanaian Travel Blogger, Travel and Tourism Consultant, and Anti-human Trafficking And Safe Migration advocate. Akesse loves everything Travel & Tourism and aims to see every single country in the world.

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