Mauritius: An African Island Not For Africans



Mauritius is an island of Africa isolated like Madagascar, located in the Indian Ocean. This beautiful island has a mix race of whites and black. French and English are widely spoken throughout the island.

The island has simplified visa procedures and has bilateral visa agreements with many countries to enable nationals of these countries visit each other on visa-free basis.

Many travel lovers in Africa had love to take advantage of this visa policy to explore the beauty of Mauritius but immigration procedures at the point of entry do not exhibit anything like visa-free or hassle-free travel as agreed between the two countries. can confidently say that, about 98% of tourist arrivals from Africa in Mauritius are deported for no seeming reason.

#JetSanzaExplorer Shadrack  was the only person among the African arrivals to be granted entry during his visit to the country in February 2016. Thanks to Mr. Shan – the hotel manager who guaranteed his stay in the country and also signed a document to assure the immigration officers that he will bring Shadrack back to the airport after his week stay.

At the point of entry, much is required from the African visitors. These requirements are not stationed on any of their websites and they have made many Africa countries to believe that their borders are opened to them.


“All blacks were deported. They find any reason to deport you. I had to engage the manager of the hotel I booked. He was right at the airport to pick me up so it eased my process a bit. All what they’ve made us to believe are lies. I won’t urge anyone from Africa to visit there,” Shadrack told

“I don’t know their fears. I don’t know if they are racists. Whites are given entry without questions. I hardly even met blacks in the country. Could you believe the immigration officers call my hotel every day to check if I’m around? I have been to so many places but I haven’t seen a country so unfriendly like Mauritius,” he concluded.

It is very sad that an African country could treat its own people this way.

Mauritius pretends to be inviting, friendly and made the world believe that they have simple immigration procedures, especially for commonwealth countries. They even claim to be issuing passports for commonwealth countries that stay continuously for a year or two.

Mauritius is only luring the world with their bilateral visa policies to enable its nationals travel to other countries with ease. Nationals of Mauritius visit almost all African countries without a visa but deny nationals from these countries entries into their country.

Foreign ministries in various African countries must wake from their sleeps and revise any bilateral visa agreements signed with the island.

Photo Credit: Africa Point

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